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Ink Stains 93: Ultrazine 17

See early work by Mitch O’Connell, Mark Heike and more in issue 17 of Matt Bucher’s Ultrazine! Ultrazine 17: October 1979 Editor and publisher: Matt Bucher If you read this column regularly, you will have read one i...
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Ink Stains 90: Ultrazine Special 8 (Omniman)

Matt Bucher strikes again, with Omniman in the spotlight! Ultrazine Special 8: July/August 1981 Editor and publisher: Matt Bucher If you have read Ink Stains since the beginning (or was heavily into comic fandom in the late 70s...
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Ink Stains 75: Omniman Spectacular

Another fan superhero spectacular by the name of Omniman from the mini mogul, Matt Bucher! Omniman Spectacular: 1982 Editor and publisher: Matt Bucher Before we jump into this installment of Ink Stains, I wanted to share a few...
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Ink Stains 30: 1981 Fandom Spectacular

It’s serious business, folks! Ominous lettering! Massive power beams! Geometric headgear! Waist crunching logo belts! We must be in superhero land! Fan Spectacular 1981 Publisher: Matt Bucher There were a few young go get...
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Ink Stains 12: The Star Slayers

Galactic Heroes! Planet-shattering battles! Epic frontiers! The Star Slayers! All this in a 13 issue series, produced every three weeks, by fanzine kingpin/writer Matt Bucher and multiple artists, including yours truly! The Sta...
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