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New ‘Gundam Versus’ Trailer & European Release Date

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment reveals today the game modes that will be part of GUNDAM VERSUS and the Official Release Date on 29th September, 2017 on PlayStation®4 in Europe. The new instalment for the series will provide both s...
by InfiniteSpeech


New ‘Tekken’ Series Coming From Titan Comics!

Tekken has come a long way since it’s video game debut in 1994. It’s made it’s way to manga, anime, movies (live action and CGI), and soon a seventh installment in the Tekken video game franchise will be rel...
by InfiniteSpeech


Gotta Have It! Figure Edition: Godzilla

With a purposeful grimace and a terrible sound He pulls the spitting high-tension wires down Helpless people on subway trains Scream, bug-eyed, as he looks in on them He picks up a bus and throws it back down As he wades throug...
by Aron



Eat Up EAT-MAN or I’ll Eat Your Face!

Some nights, like many of you, I like to watch TV to unwind. Frequently it will involve me watching something animated from Japan like Ranma ½ or Gatchaman. So I go to unwind and my fiancee rolls over in bed and looks dead at ...
by Drew