Contest of Champions podcast episode #4: Protector vs. Ms. Marvel

Welcome to Contest of Champions (CoC) Podcast, Episode #4! CoC is an interactive player vs. player game where your favorite Marvel characters go head to head to answer the eternal question of “who can beat whom in a figh...
by Jeff


My First San Diego Comic Con part 2: How I Met Chris Claremont

Welcome back to part 2 of our coverage of this year’s San Diego Comic Con! If you missed part 1, click here to give it a read. Now, if you’re a regular, than you are probably aware of my frequent cri...
by Andy


Marvel Snapshot: The Uncanny X-Joke

What’s happening out there in the world of comic books? I’m back and so is my weekly column called Marvel Snapshot! Now, some of you may be thinking, isn’t this a character spotlight column? Most of the time, ...
by Billy



Marvel Reviews: The Amazing Spider-Man #638 “One Moment in Time”

The Amazing Spider-Man #638 Publisher: Marvel Comics Writer: Joe Quesada Art: Joe Quesada & Paolo Rivera Cover: Paolo Rivera Variant Cover: Joe Quesada Price: US $3.99 Release Date: July 21, 2010 ***This review contains NO ...
by Aron


Comic Attack’s ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Ultra-Giveaway!

Avengers: Age of Ultron will be in theaters very soon and has partnered with to help you celebrate in style! Win an Iron Man hoodie, an Avengers Assemble T-Shirt, or a Chrome Avengers logo belt...
by InfiniteSpeech


Contest Announcement: The Sam Humphries Surprise prize package giveaway!

Editor’s Note [5/20/2012]: The winners of The Sam Humphries Surprize prize package giveaway are: 1st: Troy Kinney (Facebook) 2nd: Mike Lombard (Twitter) 3rd: Jess Burke (Facebook) Winners, please email your mailing addres...
by Andy



Uncanny Questions Surround the X-Men: Who is Hope?

Once in awhile I get so psyched about a comic book, that I have to divert from my daily routine of puppet making and kitten petting to write about it. Writer Matt Fraction and (shockingly) artist Greg Land have provided one kno...
by Andy


X-Men Power Rankings #1

Here we are, the #1 X-Men Power Ranking! It took us long enough but we’re about to rank the best of the absolute best the X-Men have to offer. So brace yourself. Things are about to get intense! So what are power rankings...
by Andy


Stay Tooned Sundays: Top 5 Superhero Cartoons of All Time

Welcome back Stay Tooners, sorry we’ve been gone so long. This week is a “special” end of the year Stay Tooned Sundays celebration. As the year starts to wind down and tons of “best of 2011” lis...
by nickz



Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars: Blood Ties #1

Star Wars: Blood Ties #1 Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Chris Scalf Publisher: Dark Horse Comics I ran a preview of this book last week and happily, I wasn’t disappointed with this issue! It was a fast read though- seriously,...
by Andy


Ink Stains 16: Comic Crusader 10

Most fanzines were quick flash in the pans. Martin L. Greim’s Comic Crusader stuck around for a whopping 17 issues, and was the first to publish many great fan artists who later became pros. Comic Crusader 10: 1970 Publis...
by kenmeyerjr


Movie Mondays: 2012: A Look Forward

Last year, while decent, was not the best year for comic book films. Or films in general. However, I think this year might be a kick ass year for films. If not amazing, than at least a year where studios take some big gambles a...
by AHudson