Stay Tooned Sundays: Top 5 Superhero Cartoons of All Time

Welcome back Stay Tooners, sorry we’ve been gone so long. This week is a “special” end of the year Stay Tooned Sundays celebration. As the year starts to wind down and tons of “best of 2011” lis...
by nickz


Crisis of Infinite Reviews: The New 52 week 1 pt. 2

Action Comics #1 Writer: Grant Morrison Artist: Rags Morales Cover Artist: Rags Morales and Jim Lee Publisher: DC Grant Morrison gives us a Superman that’s a far stretch from the god-like Man of Tomorrow in All-Star Super...
by Arnab


DC Reviews: Justice League #1

Justice League #1 Writer: Geoff Johns Artists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair Cover Artists: Jim Lee, Scott Williams, and Alex Sinclair Publisher: DC The wait is over ladies, gents, and extra-terrestrials, Justice L...
by Arnab



Cosplayer Spotlight: Danny and Heather Kelley

Welcome back to another edition of the Cosplayer Spotlight! This time we feature Danny and Heather Kelley, a married couple from Griffin, GA! COMIC ATTACK: You are the first married cosplay team we’ve interviewed on the s...
by Andy


Comics Are My Religion: Man of Steel

Welcome to Comics Are My Religion, a look at theology through the lens of comic books. There are some basic ground rules about engaging in respectful dialog about religion in this column. The column below may have spoilers, s...
by Jeff


Crisis of Infinite Reviews: 5/12/10

Howdy folks! This here is the first of my weekly reviews that are all going to be DC comics. There aren’t always going to be this many books to review, but I promise to keep you entertained anyway. They’re pretty mu...
by Arnab



Crisis of Infinite Reviews: 05/19/10

Hey guys! It’s time for a dose of DC Reviews. This batch is not nearly as heavy as last week’s, but there are still some good books to be read! Minor Spoilers Ahead! Batman: Streets of Gotham #12 Writer: Paul Dini c...
by Arnab
11’s Staff Picks the Top 5 of 2009

We here at want to send you off into the New Year by knowing what we thought were the big stand out titles of 2009. We encourage you to share with everyone what your favorites were this past year. Here’s ho...
by DecapitatedDan


The Comics Console: Pinball!

The Comics Console has always featured some of comic book’s greatest and not-so-greatest adventures in video games, but this week we’re taking a look at a piece of super hero gaming history that doesn’t use a ...
by andrewhurst



1976 Superhero Catalog

Thanks for picking up Superhero Enterprises’ 1976 Superhero Catalog! You’ve probably seen our ads in your favorite comic books. Although, we can’t confirm this, because we’re not selling any merchandise. That’s why we...
by Josh


Valentine’s Day Comic Cover Bonanza!

Well hello there fanboys and girls, Happy Valentine’s Day. Back in December we ran the gamut of Christmas themed comic book covers, and today we pay tribute to Valentine’s Day with a plethora of lovey-dovey themed c...
by Andy


Action Comics #1 sells for $1,000,000

This past Monday a copy of Action Comics #1 sold at auction for $1,000,000. That’s ONE MILLION DOLLARS!. auctioned this rare book, which will be on display at its New York City location for the media to v...
by Eli