The Top 15 All-Ages Comics Titles of 2013!!!!!!

Hello and welcome back to our all-ages comics column, From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! This is our final column until after the New Year of 2014 rings in, which means it’s time for our TOP 15 ALL-AGES COMICS of 2013!!!...
by Drew


Decapitated Dan’s Best of 2013

Well it’s the end of the year, and what better way to recap it than by making a list! So check out what I liked best in 2013! ____________________________________ Writer of the Year: Mark Kidwell You want to talk about bringi...
by DecapitatedDan


Titan Books: A Look into the Mind of Author Samit Basu

Greetings, ComicAttackers! We have something special for you today from Titan Books. A look into the mind of creator Samit Basu, writer of the action-packed Indian superhero novel Turbulence. Though separated from our shores b...
by Kristin



Billy Dunleavy’s Top 10 of 2012: Year of Change

You know, this past year did absolutely nothing except reaffirm what I’ve been thinking for a while now – small publishers might not publish as much volume as the “big two,” but they are most certainly m...
by Billy
0’s Best of 2012 Comic Book List & Fan Poll

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Due to overwhelming response, we’re keeping the polls open two more days — they will now close Tuesday, January 8 @ 11:59 PM PST!] This year the staff put their minds together t...
by Andy


FFGtGR: The Best 15 All-Ages Comics of 2012!

Hello readers, and welcome to our all-ages comics column, From Friendly Ghosts To Gamma Rays! This week we take a moment to do our annual “best of” column, where we look at the best 15 all-ages comics published thro...
by Drew



Movie Mondays: Top 10 Stan Lee Cameos

There’s three things one should always expect out of a Marvel film. Action, the titular superhero, and a Stan Lee cameo. Every Stan Lee film cameo is a welcome surprise and a comedic relief for even the not so good Marvel...
by AHudson


Top 10 Black Comic Book Characters of All Time!

Out of the hundreds of really cool Black comic book characters you could only imagine how hard it was to come up with a list of only ten. Much less a top ten of all time. The thought of cheating and bumping it up to twenty di...
by InfiniteSpeech


The Underground: Black Comic Characters You Don’t Know!

  Continuing our lists in celebration of Black History Month, we shift our focus to another group of comic characters. Now, if you don’t recognize the names on this list then that’s the point. We’re spotligh...
by InfiniteSpeech



Movie Mondays: Top Ten Movie Scores

You can have fantastic action, a well-written script, and a great ensemble. But comic book films would still be nothing without a great score. Orchestral (or electronic) scores can elevate films to new heights. They can give ...
by AHudson


Top 12 Black Comic Book Characters to Watch in 2012

In celebration of Black History month this year, we have some great lists planned throughout the month, beginning with the Top 12 Black Comic Book Characters to Watch in 2012! 12. Mister Terrific (DC- Mister Terrific): Michael ...
by InfiniteSpeech


Movie Mondays: Top Ten Comic Book Movie Soundtracks (Artists)

Great comic book films seem to have it all when it comes to big spectacular blockbusters. The action. The special effects. The story. And of course, the soundtracks. Even though music and comic books are two very different medi...
by AHudson