Studio 407’s Night & Fog: When Science Goes Wrong Things Get Interesting!

Studio 407 is an independent publisher whose main focus is producing horror comics, and Night & Fog is a bloodily satisfying representation of their work. Set in the present day with loose ties to World War II and Nazi huma...
by Andy


Touring the Cosmos: Studio 407’s Fictionauts GN

Nothing better than a good old pulpy sci-fi romp. Studio 407, with creative team Mauro Mantella on writing duties and Leandro Rizzo drawing, have released the Fictionauts GN on July 25. Starring a team of classic archetypes, th...
by mike


Studio 407 Reviews: Havoc Brigade

Havoc Brigade Written by: Neal Marshal Stevens Drawn by: John Bosco Published by: Studio 407 It is a well known axiom that it’s virtually impossible to come up with a truly original plot. It’s all been done before. Original...
by Kevin