The Underground: Black Comic Characters You Don’t Know!

  Continuing our lists in celebration of Black History Month, we shift our focus to another group of comic characters. Now, if you don’t recognize the names on this list then that’s the point. We’re spotligh...
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Phil LaMarr Gets Fans Ready For ‘Static Shock’ Season 3!

STATIC SHOCK: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON COMING JANUARY 30, 2018 TO DVD Warner Archive Collection (WAC), a champion of classic super hero animation, next brings Static Shock: The Complete Third Season to DVD with a special two-...
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Artist of the Month: Denys Cowan

  In 1992, Milestone Comics hit the shelves. It was a blend of characters of unparalleled diversity that had not been achieved before or since by any publisher. Although, in some circles of fandom, these comics were labele...
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NYCC: The Milestone Universe Returns!

It’s been a long time coming for this announcement but it’s finally here! The Milestone Universe will officially return to comics and will take place on Earth M. Sure it was wayyy back in 2015 when we were first tol...
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DC Reviews: Xombi #1

Xombi #1 Publisher: DC Comics Writer: John Rozum Artist: Fraser Irving Cover: Fraser Irving “Prison of Industry”: It’s been very close to fifteen years since Xombi was on a shelf, but since the combining of th...
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Character Spotlight: Static

He started in Milestone Comics and ended up in DC. He’s had his own cartoon show and even got to team up with the Justice League. Who is he? Static! How did this teen get the power to conduct electricity? Let’s find...
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Representation Needs To Matter In Warner Bros. Live Action ‘Static Shock’ Series

  Static Shock is arguably one of the most recognizable characters from Milestone Comics. From the hit comic series to the hit cartoon series that ran from 2000-2004 he’s been a favorite for many fans. He not onl...
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Harlem Soul, Drawn Out: BCBF ’18

lright, I’m going to say something crazy, are you ready? There is a comic book festival in Harlem. I can understand if you’re not as excited as I am, but in all fairness, the very idea of a comics festival in Harle...
by Cameron Crump


DC Reviews: Xombi #2

Xombi #2 Publisher: DC Comics Writer: John Rozum Artist: Frazer Irving Cover: Frazer Irving If you have yet to experience the amount of supernatural awesome in Xombi, then you’ll want to be heading to your local comic sho...
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DC Previews: Milestone Forever

On February 3rd finality will be brought to the Milestone Universe in the upcoming Milestone Forever two issue mini-series.  The two universes were merged and though many of the Milestone, also known as Dakotaverse characte...
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Top 10 Black Comic Book Characters of All Time!

Out of the hundreds of really cool Black comic book characters you could only imagine how hard it was to come up with a list of only ten. Much less a top ten of all time. The thought of cheating and bumping it up to twenty di...
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New York Comic Con 2012 pt 4: Cosplayers Galore pt 2!

Not only does New York Comic Con host the awesome talent of the comic industry, it’s also the place where cosplayers from all around the world gather and show off their talents! It’s amazing how they become celebrities them...
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