Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 06/14/17

Accell  #1 (Lion Forge) Infinite Speech: Accell has familiar elements but remains it’s own and is yet another hit from Lion Forge! Action Comics #979 (DC) Martin: 4/5 stars. Really great art, and an okay continuation of ...
by Martin Thomas


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 06/07/17

Bane Conquest #2 (DC) NickZ: This book finally gets interesting as Bane and Batman are forced into an uneasy alliance. Batman #24 (DC) Martin: 5/5 stars. So much to love, including King’s script, the gorgeous art by Finch...
by Arnab


Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 05/03/17

Bane Conquest #1 (DC) NickZ: I’m not sure Bane can carry his own miniseries or at least not without a better story than this. Batman #22 (DC) Arnab: The art went wonky at times, but the story was great. Infinite Speech: T...
by Arnab



Catalyst Prime Reviews: Noble #1

Noble #1 Publisher: Lion Forge Writer: Brandon Thomas Artist: Roger Robinson Colorist: Juan Fernandez Cover: Roger Robinson & Juan Fernandez A new universe has arrived in Lion Forge’s Catalyst Prime imprint wit...
by InfiniteSpeech