Kenk: Portrait of a Bike Thief

Kenk: A Graphic Portrait Publisher:Pop Sandbox Writers/Artists: Jason Gilmore, Alex Jansen, Richard Poplak, Nick Marinkovich Price: $27.95 CAD Release Date: May 6, 2010 I’ve never been a big customer of indie comics; the stor...
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The Man, the Legend: Gene Colan

The Tomb of Dracula, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Batman, Howard the Duck, Dare-Devil, Captain America, and Nightforce; The list goes on for miles. If I was to be asked “Who is my favorite artist”, I’d probably g...
by Billy


Desperado Publishing Previews: Deadworld Slaughterhouse OGN

Deadworld: Slaughterhouse, the newest saga set in the Deadworld “universe” should now be available in all stores. Issued in hardcover format, the focus shifts to a hidden establishment that uses humans as guinea pig...
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Dark Horse Reviews: Ghost Vol. 1: In The Smoke and Din

Ghost, Volume 1: In the Smoke and Din Publisher: Dark Horse Writer: Kelly Sue DeConnick Artist: Phil Noto I am not familiar with Ghost’s past as an existing character. This is my first experience with the character. The o...
by Dr. Bustos


Indie Reviews: Stargazer vol. 2 OGN

Stargazer vol. 2 Publisher: Von Allan Studios Writer: Von Allan Artsit: Von Allan OGN – 110 pages, B&W (scheduled to ship October 12th) When I first read volume one of this book, I thought it was pretty good, and also...
by Billy


Archaia Reviews: Syndrome OGN

What if there was a way to curb sociopathic behavior forever? What if there was a way to prevent a mass murderer before he even killed his first victim? What would it take for such a cure to be a reality? That’s what Arch...
by Jeff



DC Comics Reviews: Batman: Noel

Batman: Noel Publisher: DC Comics Writer: Lee Bermejo Artist: Lee Bermejo Colorist: Barbara Ciardo Letters: Todd Klein There’s a majestic dichotomy with Batman and Christmas. The Dark Knight of vengeance finding his way t...
by andrewhurst


SOLID STATE TANK GIRL: A Talk with Alan Martin & Warwick Johnson-Cadwell

Solid State Tank Girl is the newest entry in the long line of Tank Girl stories, written by the series creator Alan Martin and illustrated by W Johson-Cadwell.  It’s being put out by TITAN Comics.  This fantastic new entry ...
by Aaron


A look at ‘Suicide Risk’ from BOOM! Studios

  What do you think is the most common shared fantasy of human existence? Most people would say that there are only really two good answers. Sex and Power; the two things that humanity craves absolutely regardless of cult...
by Cameron Crump



Indie Previews: Seven Extraordinary Things

Seven Extraordinary Things Writer/Artist: Doug Lefler Doug Lefler (director of the 2007 film The Last Legion) has drawn and wrote a new graphic novel based on some of his personal experiences called Seven Extraordinary Things, ...
by Drew


Dark Horse Reviews: Riven -Tpb

Riven -Tpb Publisher: Dark Horse Writers: Bo Hampton & Robert Tinnell Artist: Bo Hampton Let’s be honest for a moment. There are more horror books on the shelves these days than cockroaches in a sleazy part of a city....
by Billy


Comics Are My Religion: The Tithe

Welcome to Comics Are My Religion, a look at theology through the lens of comic books. There are some basic ground rules about engaging in respectful dialogue about religion in this column. If you are a church-going Christian, ...
by Jeff