This Comic Is History: Heart of Darkness: Vertigo/Joshua Dysart’s Unknown Soldier

As we begin a new year Comic Attack brings a new This Comic Is History! For those of you who are unfamiliar with what goes on here, this particular column specializes with those comics and graphic novels that were influenced...
by Cameron Crump


This Comic Is History: Captain America: Truth

I’d like to welcome you to another installment of This Comic Is History, and I’d also like to thank Eli for letting me take over his column for this one! For anyone new to this column, the focus is comics or OGNs (...
by InfiniteSpeech


This Comic Is History: Pride of Baghdad

Welcome to another installment of This Comic Is History. For this month’s feature, we have Pride of Baghdad, written by Brian K. Vaughan, and drawn by Niko Henrichon. Published in 2006 by DC’s Vertigo imprint, this ...
by Eli



This Comic Is History: The Kents

For this installment of This Comic Is History, we’re traveling back in time to 19th century Kansas. The Kents, written by John Ostrander, is a twelve issue mini-series published in 1997, focusing on, as you might have gue...
by Eli


This Comic Is History: The Muramasa Blade

For this edition of This Comic Is History, we’re going to be looking at an object, the Muramasa Blade. This is a sword with special properties that is said to be able to slice through just about anything in the Marvel Uni...
by Eli


Vertigo Reviews: Incognegro HC

Publisher: Vertigo Writer: Mat Johnson Artist: Warren Pleece Cover: Stephen John Phillips Originally Released: 2008 “Incognegro”: Some books you find and there are others that find you.  After saying some jokingly ...
by InfiniteSpeech



This Comic Is History: Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion

In our last This Comic Is History we looked at a book from off the beaten path, Maus. This time around, we’re going more mainstream with, Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, written by Billy Tucci. This was a 6 issue mini-seri...
by Eli


This Comic Is History: Maus

Welcome to This Comic Is History, a bi-monthly column dealing with comics that were either influenced by, or themselves influenced the course of history. This column will alternate with Sequential History. This time we’re...
by Eli