Ink Stains 29: Hot Stuf 1

One of the best adult story zines of the 70s, Hot Stuf’ had a plethora of big names having a blast writing and drawing non-superhero hijinks! Hot Stuf’ 1: Summer 1974 Editor and Publisher: Sal Quartuccio Way back in...
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Ink Stains 103: Realm 5

Realm was a steadily good fanzine from the early seventies, with a wide variety of stellar contributors, and issue 5 was no different! Realm 5: October 1972 Editor and publisher: Ed Romero Realm is one of those zines I wish I h...
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Ink Stains 52: MCR 4

In addition to great art by Kline, Corben, Pinkoski, and others, MCR had it’s own little controversy inside the pages…read about it! MCR 4: 1971 Editor/Publisher: John J. McLaughlin MCR, or Modern Collector’s ...
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Ink Stains 22: Epitaph

Gene Day worked in professional comics for a spell, including a great run on Marvel’s Master of Kung–Fu. But, before his big break came, he contributed to many fanzines, including today’s installment, Epitaph!...
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Ink Stains 102: Chronicle 3

Chronicle 3: March, 1973 Publisher and editor: George Breo Welcome to the 102nd installment of Ink Stains! Man, it does not seem like I have done over a hundred of these suckers, but I guess print (or the internet?) don’t...
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Ink Stains 4: No Sex 14

No Sex 14 (1980) Publisher: David Heath Jr. No Sex can be summed up using a blurb from this issue’s contents page, which said “No Sex Fanzine is published in order to provide fans of sf and fantasy with a vehicle to hav...
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Ink Stains 21: Anomaly 3

Jan Strnad has written for Warren, DC, Dark Horse, the television industry, and published several books. But he cut his teeth on his very own fanzine, Anomaly! Anomaly 3: 1971 Editor and Publisher: Jan Strnad Writer Jan Strnad ...
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Ink Stains 3: Fantastic Fanzine 10

Fantastic Fanzine 10 (1969) Publisher: Alan Light (this second edition), Editor: Gary Groth Along with The Collector, Gary Groth’s Fantastic Fanzine was probably the zine I was most excited to get my hands on when a new issue...
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Ink Stains 5: CPL and John Byrne

CPL (Contemporary Pictorial Literature) 12 (1975) Publisher: Robert Layton, Editor: Roger Stern Much like The Collector, our current champion CPL could be lumped into the category of “semi-pro” fanzine. It had high producti...
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Ink Stains 42: The Collector times 5!

What could be better than an Ink Stains devoted to The Collector? An Ink Stains devoted to FIVE issues of The Collector! The Collector 16, 17, 18, 19, 21; 1969-1971 Editor/Publisher, Bill G. Wilson The Collector, as Ink Stains ...
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P. Craig Russell Interview

Philip Craig Russell has been working steadily in the comic book field for close to 40 years now. Though his first full comic job was an Ant-man book, it was his extended run of Killraven/War of the Worlds in Amazing Adventures...
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Ink Stains 56: The Collector 14 and 15

That’s right, The Collector just keeps coming! Issues 14 and 15 make up this installment! The Collector 14 and 15: 1969 Editor and publisher: Bill G. Wilson Hello, fellow fanzine aficionados, face front and feel the frenz...
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