Ink Stains 2: Squa Tront 2

Squa Tront 2 (September 1968) Publisher: Jerry Weist Squa Tront was one of the first fanzines dedicated to the creators and memory of EC Comics (a few others being Witzend and Spa Fon). Publisher Jerry Weist proudly displayed s...
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Ink Stains 62: Feral

No, not the Marvel Comics Feral! Mine came first! Honest! Feral various publishers creator: Ken Meyer Jr. I  have been thinking for awhile about doing something here in Ink Stains on my fanzine work (other than the occasional ...
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Ink Stains 79: RBCC 134

RBCC was one of the longest running and most consistently excellent fanzines around, come see why! RBCC 134: March 1977 Editor and Publisher: James Van Hise I have covered one other issue of this incredibly consistent publicati...
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Ink Stains 9: Woweekazowie 3 and 4

Many fanzines were repositories for spot illos and fanboy articles on the latest ‘it’ character.  A few, like Woweekazowie, looked to be training grounds for those that truly wanted to make it in professional comic...
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Ink Stains 20: Voice of Comicdom 17

Richard Corben burst onto the fanzine scene in an earlier issue of this fanzine, Voice of Comicdom. His style and skill, virtually unmatched, made him an instant smash. Voice of Comicdom 17: 1971 Publisher/Editor: Rudi Franke I...
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Ink Stains 34: Anomaly 1

Writer Jan Strnad started his award winning professional career in fandom with the beautifully illustrated fanzine, Anomaly. Anomaly 1, 1969 Publisher/Editor: Jan Strnad If you have read Ink Stains regularly, you have seen Anom...
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Ink Stains 30: 1981 Fandom Spectacular

It’s serious business, folks! Ominous lettering! Massive power beams! Geometric headgear! Waist crunching logo belts! We must be in superhero land! Fan Spectacular 1981 Publisher: Matt Bucher There were a few young go get...
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Ink Stains 82: Fantastic Fanzine 6/7

Gary Groth strikes again! Fantastic Fanzine 6/7, present yourself! Fantastic Fanzine 6/7: April/May 1969 Editor and publisher: Gary Groth   If you follow Ink Stains, you will have seen several issues showcased already of G...
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Ink Stains 15: Fantastic Fanzine 12

Gary Groth is known as a lightning rod in the comics community, and was the editor and guiding light of The Comics Journal for many years…but he had to start somewhere, and Fantastic Fanzine is that somewhere! Fantastic F...
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Ink Stains 72: The Collector 24

  The world has demanded more coverage of The Collector! Ok, just me, here is issue 24! The Collector 24: August, 1971 Editor and Publisher: Bill G. Wilson Howdy everyone, welcome to another installment of Ink Stains, wher...
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Ink Stains 8: Witzend 3 and 7

The great Wally Wood did not only produce some of the greatest comics of all time, but one of the greatest fanzines of all time…Witzend! Witzend 3 (1967) and 7 (1970) Publisher: Wally Wood Editor: Bill Pearson Most comic read...
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Ink Stains 53: Scream Door 1

Scream Door had one of the coolest fanzine names ever, as well as great artists such as Berni Wrightson, Michael Kaluta, and more! Scream Door 1: 1971 Publishers: Mark Feldman and Robert Lewis Scream Door was aptly named, since...
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