HUCK is written by Mark Millar (Kick – Ass, Super Crooks) it is about a polite gas station clerk named Huck who secretly uses his special super powers to do daily good deeds. When his story leaks, a media firestorm erupts, bringing him unwanted fame. Huck’s past begin to resurface, it’s no longer clear who his friends are, who he can trust, or whose lives may be in danger.

Recently, it seems like Mark Millar is starting to tone down his hardcore, well known style of  storytelling. He is starting to tackle the superhero genre in a new way. It almost seems like he now wants to write comics that possible inspired him when he was a child, seeing and reading about superheroes like Superman and Captain AmericaMillarworld truly really does seem like an unpredictable world. On one end, we get stories like Wanted. That focuses on super villains, sex, violence, and drama. Then on the other end, we get a story like Huck. That focuses on good deeds, good people, honesty, shyness, protection, striving to do well, love, protecting the innocent, and compassion. I read an interesting comment that said this is “Forrest Gump mixed with Superman”, and I would agree.

Huck is a quiet man who is blessed with superhuman strength and super human kindness. He is so well written, you can’t help yourself to want to cheer and love the guy. For example, one minute he can be saving the world, the other minute he is buying lunch for everyone. That is one of my favorite things about this story. This story has a message. A message of you do not have to be well known, expect anything in return, or have superpowers to do well in our society. Also, the artist of this comic is the same artist from the American Vampire series, and this is one of the glossiest, smoothest, colorful graphic novels I’ve seen from Mark Millar’s comics. This comic’s visual style really helps the tone of the story. I love the front cover of the rising sun settling on our main character. I feel like it is almost the artist telling us a hero will rise, and a hero will shine.

Mark Millar is one of my all time favorite writers, but I have to be honest, this isn’t his best work. On the other hand, his not so best work is still very enjoyable. This book also has many similarities to the movie Man of Steel, and the character Superman. For instance, in the movie Man of Steel, Superman wants to be on the down low, but General Zod comes and exposes all his superpowers. That is almost the same plot as this graphic novel. Furthermore, I thought the story could have just been a little bit longer. The story and our main character is heartfelt, but I would like to see the story just stretched out a bit. At least by two or three issues. Everything is just a little fast paced for my taste.

In a world where it seems like people are not good citizens anymore, this book is a reminder of we can all be good citizens. It is a book about good values, and I think it was entertaining. The story is a little rushed, and it is not the best series by Mark Millar. However, I really love the artwork, the colors, every now and then, we need a nice feel good story, and this story made me feel good. I believe HUCK earns a…

9 out of 10!

Thank you all for reading and or viewing, and I hope you all have an amazing day and night as always. 🙂

Sources: Millarworld

Images: Huck, Mark Millar’s Huck, Google, and Google Images.


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