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March 21, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: Star Wars: Legacy Vol 2 #1

Star Wars: Legacy Vol 2 #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman
Artist: Gabriel Hardman
Cover: Dave Wilkins

You may recall the last time we were privy to adventures in this time period, Cade Skywalker and his allies were in conflict with Darth Kryat and his army of Sith warriors. Now, as this chapter of the Legacy Era unfolds, we’re introduced to Ania Solo, and we see how she fits into the aftermath of the first chapter of Star Wars: Legacy.

Bechko and Hardman waste no time putting you in the action as Master Val and his crew are attacked by an unknown Sith. This sets up the rest of the issue, as they also connect this story with the previous Legacy chapter as several familiar characters show up. Now the character we really wanted to see is the descendant of Han and Lei, Ania Solo. However, we only get very little of her, though what Hardman and Bechko show us will definitely make you want to see more. She has a certain balance of what made those two characters pretty fun, and she doesn’t have a problem shooting first to make her point. Along with her introduction is the exciting amount of galactic political intrigue that is being established in this issue. If this stays on the right track, Bechko and Hardman are going to deliver one very exciting power struggle in this series.

One thing about the Star Wars universe is that it has a very lived in and unique look which Hardman does a great job of conveying in this issue. Sure there are certain areas of it that are slick and pristine, but overall it’s got a tangible grittiness to it that is more a character itself than the beings that inhabit it. His overall style helps with this, but it’s the colors that I think really seal the deal here and make this a good looking issue from start to finish.

Bechko and Hardman are poised to make this installment of the Legacy era just as enjoyable as the previous one if things continue to be this good. Though this era is birthed from the original, it totally stands on its own and has its own unique feel to it. This is what makes for some great stories that don’t have to rely on the original cast of characters. It’s 138 years after Episode IV, and this is as perfect a time to get into the Star Wars mythos as any!

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