March 19, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 03/13/13

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Written by: Arnab
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Age of Ultron #2 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: What amazed me about this is that Nick Fury still had/has a working Polaroid camera.
Jeff: Boy, Natasha without her eye makeup is pretty nasty.

Alpha Big Time #2 (Marvel)
NickZ: This is the best teen superhero book since Invincible and Ultimate Spider-Man.

Archer & Armstrong #8 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech: This is your favorite comic’s favorite comic!
Jeff: Van Lente and Luppachino are a fantastic team. Almost as awesome as Archer & Armstrong.

Avengers Arena #6 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: More of you should be reading this because it’s cool as hell!
Jeff: This book continues to kick so much ass. I’m loving every minute of this.
NickZ: If you only read one Avengers book each month, it must be this one!

Avenging Spider-Man #18 (Marvel)
Jeff: Wouldn’t it be easier to collect stamps or coins rather than Sinister Six members?
NickZ: This book is just as great as Superior Spider-Man! READ IT!

Batgirl #18 (DC)
Arnab: James Jr. continues to show off, Batgirl survives a building collapsing on her, and then mourns Damian’s passing (which she oddly found about through her commissioner father.) B+
NickZ: Babs deals with family drama while trying to save the city from a killer and mourning Robin.

Batman #18 (DC)
Arnab: Seriously? You guys couldn’t have waited one issue before shoving this Tim Drake wannabe, Robin impersonator in our faces? C
Infinite Speech: Good solid story following Damian’s death. If I just spoiled that for you then you need must have been off planet last week.
Jeff: It would have made more sense for the Joker to have killed Damien. This issue’s not really about that, but I needed to say it.
NickZ: This was a brilliant issue! Scott Snyder at his best and who doesn’t love Andy Kubert’s Batman? I hope it’s a hint of what’s to come.

Batman and Robin #18 (DC)
Arnab: Fucking brilliant. Hands down the best book of this entire series. A+
NickZ: Another brilliant Batman book this week with no words, no less! Heartbreaking.

Before Watchmen: Ozymandias #6 (DC)
NickZ: This series was a great look into the mind of the “villain” and it leads directly into Watchmen.

Bloodshot #9 (Valiant)
Infinite Speech:
Any guy that will eat his own arm to win a fight is a man you shouldn’t mess with!

Bravest Warriors #6 (kaboom!)
Dr. Bustos: Bazookas make any event more interesting. A

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #19 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: Buffy’s actions have had great consequences but this might be the worst one yet.

Dresden Files: Ghoul Goblin #3 (Dynamite)
Dr. Bustos: I’m just glad to be hanging out with Dresden again since there’s going to be a longer wait for the next book then usual. A

End Times of Bram & Ben #3 (Image)
Arnab: The mini-series of the year delivers yet again with a terrifically hilarious story and fantastic art. A
Jeff: This miniseries continues to be hilarious and smart. Well done!

Fantastic Four #5 (Marvel)
Jeff: Julius Caesar is alive? I love that idea!

Fearless Defenders #2 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: I hope Moonstar gets to join our dynamic duo in fighting and not all tucked away from the action. B+

Ghost #4 (Dark Horse)
Dr. Bustos: We can now begin the real adventures! A

Ghostbusters #2 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: “In a nutshell, this is one fun story worthy of any Ghostbuster fan’s time to check out.”

Manhattan Projects #10 (Image)
Arnab: Where did Nick Pitarra go? Actually, Ryan Browne’s art was awesome. The story, which was all about Oppenheimer, was quite intriguing. A

Peter Panzerfaust #10 (Image)
Arnab: Tiger Lily and Wendy Darling to the rescue! A

Secret Avengers #2 (Marvel)
Jeff: Taskmaster is a perfect addition to this book! Can’t wait to see what happens!

Spawn #229 (Image)
Infinite Speech:
That is one PISSED OFF costume!

Star Wars #3 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech:
WE know Luke & Leia are related but THEY don’t know during this era. So parts of this issue were weird. Still good but weird.

Superboy #18 (DC)
NickZ: I am so sick of Superboy’s book revolving around N.O.W.H.E.R.E., hopefully when Lex reveals his full origin he will be able to move forward.

Thor: God of Thunder #6 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Gorr’s origin… Gorrigin. Sorry I had to. B
Infinite Speech: We get the reason behind all of the god slayings and Volstagg’s new diet seems to be working!
Jeff: Thor wasn’t in this issue, and I didn’t care. Gorr is a very intriguing character.

Uncanny X-Men #3 (Marvel)
Arnab: The balls on this guy. Cyclops proves once again that he is amazing and the Avengers are idiots. A
Infinite Speech: I really hope Magneto is playing double agent here and has his own hidden agenda.
Jeff: Bendis has made me enjoy Cyclops again.
NickZ: Cyclops is awesome! Bendis is awesome! Bachalo is awesome! Avengers suck! And “To me, my X-Men..” Hell yeah!

Walking Dead #108 (Image)
Arnab: So apparently when the zombies take over people start raising Tigers.
Jeff: This whole Ezekiel thing seems way out of left field.
NickZ: I know the book is evolving but it’s starting to feel like pretty much everyone survived the zombie apocalypse.

Wolverine #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: Cornell and Davis do a great job of putting Logan in a great adventure without miring him in his confusing continuity.
NickZ:Another Wolverine book that doesn’t really impress me.

Wolverine & the X-Men (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: I never cared for Woverine: Origins but the fact that Dog uses time crystals is so stupid it’s great. A
Jeff: Now that’s the Ramon Perez I know and love. Let him do the whole story in flashback!
NickZ: I actually enjoyed the flashback aspects of this story better than what is going on in the present.

X-Men: Legacy #7 (Marvel)
Jeff: Couldn’t finish reading this. It’s that bad.
NickZ: I know people have mixed feelings about this book, but I think it’s great. It’s not too heavy, just fun, which is unusual for an X-book.

X-Treme X-Men #12 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Hercules throwing rocks at a wizard and a Nazi will never not make me happy. A
NickZ: Interesting cast of characters but I’m just not feeling it. Glad it’s ending.



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