March 20, 2013

Indie Reviews: Legends of the Night: Mythos

Legends of the Night: Mythos
Publisher: Headless Horseman Productions/self-published
Writer: Karl White
Artists: MaryAnn White (cover), & others
Colors: Stone Tower Studios & others

Looking for something new and original? Something exciting, with a rich history/back story that will immediately grab you? Look no further than this insanely great indie comic called Legends of the Night! Karl White is the man behind this, and to say that he’s going all in with this series is an understatement.

In this fantastic first issue, we basically get the entire back story to this universe that mirrors our own, but has some slightly different things like Werewolves, Vampires, and Zombies. There’s a detailed narrative about the universe itself, its elder gods, and so forth. You really get a sense that initially things are quite the same as our world, but it doesn’t take long to notice the differences that separate the two. There are certain rules and customs that are in place that either keep “The Almighty” in a position of power, or give someone else the chance to usurp the throne of leadership.

Lucifer (below) isn’t quite what you’d expect, but he does have a lot of similarities with the biblical version. Lucifer creates an army, and so does The Almighty. There’s a war, and Lucifer loses, but then he finds an alternate way other than straight up war to get to the position on top of the mountain. He discovers that certain safeguards have been put in place by the elder gods to have a way to kick someone out off of the throne.

We also see the beginnings of a werewolf tribe, vampires, an ancient book that can sway a person’s will and reveal magical aspects that can summon demons and the like. The rise of an order to try and stop anyone from learning about or using the book is another piece of the puzzle. All this leads to another great war that nearly brings time itself to a standstill!

OK, well, this book was quite refreshing and shocking all at the same time. This series is currently digital only, but the creator has assured me that a few copies will be printed and sold at cons (and hopefully online, too) coming up soon. The “cover” is very cool, but unassuming, too. Therefore word of mouth is needed for something like this to take off. Well, look no further, because if you find someone that’s read this, you will buy it due to the resoundingly positive review you’ll get. Such a deep back story that is well thought out, and leads you right where you need to be for the next issue. Which coincidentally will be reviewed soon. But to get back on target, you’ll be amazed at this issue’s ability to just slightly veer off from what the world largely believes to be true as far as God, Satan, and so on. The horror aspect is very nice too, and compliments the story very well.

There was a veritable army of artists, so listing them all would be kind of crazy, but rest assured that that aspect of the book matched the fantastic storytelling.

Get on your Kindle or Nook and grab this book right now (only $2.99)! You will not be disappointed by the first issue, and you’ll also become of fan of Karl White instantly!  Rating 5/5

Billy Dunleavy