March 17, 2013

IDW Reviews: The New Ghostbusters #2

The New Ghostbuters #2
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Dan Schoening
Cover: Dan Shoening

Egon, Winston, Ray, and Peter are gone, and in their place is a new quartet of Ghostbusters. Janine is trying to keep things running smoothly with the new group, but the distractions of the PCOC and their marketing ploys are time consuming. Not to mention the murderous ghost appearing in Central Park, which sends the unseasoned group into action. While one member of the new team could care less if the original Ghostbusters return, others are holding on to a sliver of hope and grasping at any lead possible to ensure their safe return.

Whenever you replace an original beloved cast with new blood there’s a very big risk involved. Especially when it’s a group as iconic as the Ghostbusters. Though you shouldn’t worry here, because Burnham is making the transition pretty smooth while keeping Janine as the bridge between the originals and the new team. It’s great to see that she not only cares about getting the guys back safe, but she’s very serious when it comes to the Ghostbusters brand and how they’re perceived by the public. Which Burnham cleverly displays when PCOC liaison Hardemeyer wanted the young ladies to wear the new “uniform.” What’s going to be interesting here is Agent Ortiz’s interactions with Ron if this issue is any indication. There’s also not a lot of story dedicated to the originals, which gives us more time with the new team. There’s just enough story about them to keep you interested in their situation.

Shoening’s artwork and Delgado’s colors make this one very good looking issue that balances the comedy and serious moods quite well. It’s a great animated style and really goes over well during the photo shoot sequence, as well as the chase in the park. There isn’t one bad looking panel in the book, and Janine’s facial expressions provide some the more humorous moments in the story.

In a nutshell, this is one fun story worthy of any Ghostbuster fan’s time to check out. The group dynamic here is very different from the previous one since we’ve got an occult book store manager, a secretary, an FBI Agent, and a former Ghostbuster adversary. It’s going to be great to see how Burnham handles these characters while we wait and see how the guys make it back home!

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