February 22, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: The Strain #11

The Strain #11
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: David Lapham
Artist: Mike Huddleston (cover by E. M. Gist)
Colors: Dan Jackson

In this, the final issue of the series, the Master is up against the cadre of heroes set out to stop him, and rescue the woman in his captivity! As Professor Setrakian, Vasiliy, and Ephraim charge into the the underground lair of the Master, they soon find out that there are dozens of his servants down there, too. And they’re crazed after a recent feeding. As the heroes take them down, they realize that the Master isn’t in his coffin, but they do figure out where he’s gone. As they reach his hiding place, it’s an all out brawl to stop the most vile creature walking the Earth!

This issue should bring lots of thoughts and emotions. It’s been a long strange trip, but a very exciting one that was well worth the money spent to all readers. This limited series has been a gem from start to finish, and for eleven issues that’s saying something. Also, a quick side note. If you look at the schedule of David Lapham, that makes this book look even more impressive. The rich back story that was laid down in the first couple of issues really paid dividends as the book went on. The Professor was a great character that was the linchpin that made the story press on, and also slow down at times for you to really immerse yourself into his stories about the Master. The part where the Professor talks about why the Master has chosen a certain spot to make his nest is absolutely brilliant!

The word consistency and Mike Huddleston should be paired together in Webster’s Dictionary. He’s been spot on all throughout the entire series. His work was brought to even bigger heights by the colors of Dan Jackson. Together, these two guys took a geeky scientist named Ephraim and turned him into a vampire killing machine! A dark, but bloody series this was indeed, but make no mistake, it was definitely a rock solid horror comic that scared the life out of me!

The covers were another strong point, and E. M. Gist saved his best for last. This insane cover showing the “Master” in all of his glory is a testament to how awesome these covers were. Do yourself a favor, get the trades of this story A.S.A.P., because the singles are probably long gone by now! Rating 5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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