February 12, 2013

Dark Horse Reviews: Colder #4

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Written by: Billy
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Colder #4
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Colors: Eduardo Ferreyra & Laura Binaghi

Insanity isn’t a funny thing in the real world, but in this fictional world that Paul Tobin has created, it rules! In this issue, we watch as Declan tries to reclaim the life of his caretaker, Reece, from the insanity dimension where Nimble Jack resides. Declan actually befriends a crazy guy, and uses him to gain access to the world. From there, he and the crazy dude make their way through the beast-filled world and find Reece. But Nimble Jack is also there, and he’s not letting her go that easily.

To try and describe what Tobin is doing with this book, other than to say he’s knocking it out of the park, is difficult. The level of crazy in this book is off the charts, but honestly, the story is more than solid, too. The characters have a rich back story that was laid down in the first two issues, and the way Tobin has kept his foot on the gas with the action is just perfect. There’s nothing that could honestly be done to the script to make it any better. Total lunacy combined with depth of characters, great pacing, and a solid plot is no understatement.

Artistically, Juan Ferreyra is doing an excellent job. His characters, scenery, and mutated creatures are fantastic! He really needs to get more recognition for this awesome book. The colors are a big part of that, too, and they can’t be left out. Eduardo Ferreyra and Laura Binaghi really have the perfect blend of dark and bright colors to accent the pencils in a unique way. The character Declan, for example, is really great with his blue tone. Suggesting that he’s colder, and getting colder by the minute, by making the blue deeper and deeper. The cover is cool, too, and that’s something that is almost a given now. Not to be taken for granted, but honestly, it’s expected at this point since they’ve been so good.  Rating 4.5/5


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Billy Dunleavy


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