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February 3, 2013

Character Spotlight: Beast Boy

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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To go from dying at one point to green the next would be startling enough for most children. Now imagine if you learned that not only were you green, but you could turn into any animal you could think of. That’s what our spotlight for today – Garfield Logan – had happen to him. So who is this green guy with animal powers? Let’s find out!

Garfield Logan was on a trip with his parents when he was attacked by a green monkey (if I remember correctly, it’s an actual monkey that is green not a Green Monkey), and contracted a deadly disease called Sakutia. His parents used an experimental medicine to try and save his life, and it proved successful, though his skin and hair turned green. Gar learned that not only had he experienced this change, but that he also had the ability to turn into any animal. Now that’s WAY better than puberty; too bad he also had to go through that. I’ve always wondered why Gar didn’t turn into an age appropriate version of the animals he shifted into.

Big green gorilla, thanks comics.

Gar would end up losing his parents in a car accident, and go live with a court-appointed guardian named Nicholas Galtry who would try to embezzle Gar’s inheritance. Upon realizing that Gar will notice his money is missing when he stands to inherit it, Galtry hires supervillains to try and kill him. This draws the attention of the Doom Patrol, a super team of unconventional heroes, who save Gar and expose Galtry for his scheme. Doom Patrol members Mento and Elasti-Girl would adopt Gar and he’d become a member of the Doom Patrol. He’d wear a mask with the team, so people couldn’t tell if he was the normal green kid or the superhero green kid, I guess.

Using his looks and powers, Gar would take on a television role on the show Space Trek: 2020 until it was canceled after being sued by Star Trek and Space: 1999. Since he was on the west coast he’d join up with Titans West, the west coast division of Teen Titans. Instead of going by Beast Boy, Gar would go by Changeling as he was a part of a team with some roster members readers who are familiar with the Teen Titans show on Cartoon Network (or cartoon channel equivalent) may know. He and Cyborg would become good friends, and Raven would lead the team with she and Gar getting involved later on.

Imagine if he could turn into several animals at once. Like a flock of birds? Yikes.

While a member of the team, Gar would start to date teammate Terra. This would lead to tragedy as it’d turn out she was a spy for Deathstroke the Terminator, and would eventually be killed. After this, Gar would take up acting again and leave the team, but the superhero life would drag him back in when he was framed in a murder mystery. The killer would turn out to be the daughter of an old Doom Patrol enemy, and with the help of his old teammate Flamebird, they’d take down the killer. Deciding to become a superhero again, Gar would attempt to make an L.A. based Titans team before rejoining the main team.

During this time he’d lead a charge against Superboy Prime, begin dating Raven, lead the Teen Titans, break up with Raven, leave the Teen Titans, and rejoin the Doom Patrol. Gar was busy in a year’s span. While with the Doom Patrol, the Teen Titans would help them fight off the Brotherhood of Evil, and Gar would demand the Chief (leader of the Doom Patrol) step down due to manipulating the team. He’d lead the Doom Patrol for a short time, and help the Teen Titans fight off their rogue team of Titans East.

His face looks weird in this shot.

Upon returning to the Teen Titans, Gar would be attacked by Trigon, the demon father of Raven. This would bring about attacks by Raven’s brothers who would transform Gar into some sort of demonic creature. Raven would trick her brothers into stopping their father for her, and when they left Gar was returned to his normal self. After these events, Gar and Raven discuss whether Raven is going to fall to her father’s side. As Gar tries to tell her she can fight it, she is overwhelmed, and she and her brothers join forces. Using a gem, Gar and the Titans are able to bring Raven out of the control she’d been under. When the two talk about what they mean to each other, Raven says that she’s too dangerous to be close to Gar.

Gar and Cyborg talk about Gar’s defense mechanism of comedy, and how he may need to re-evaluate the merit in it. While being away from the Titans, Gar would get in trouble at a convention for attacking a Deathstroke cosplayer. Outside the convention center Gar would once again aid the Teen Titans in fighting the villain Cinderblock, clashing with current leader Wonder Girl. Gar would rejoin the team and become its co-leader, often coming in conflict with Wonder Girl. He’d also find that Raven had been put into a coma during a prior adventure, and he confesses to her that he is still in love with her. During the events of Blackest Night, Gar had to take down a revived Terra who had become a Black Lantern.

I don’t like where this is going.

On a rescue mission in Dakota to save Static, while the fight nearly has everyone killed, Gar turns into a Phoenix to save everyone. Raven is revived, and she and Gar discuss their relationship, able to realize that they will always be there for each other. The two realize they love one another, and DC realized they had to reset everything because what else do you do with a will-they-or-won’t they couple?

In the New 52 Gar is noticeably red instead of green now, his connection to The Red being more apparent in this version. He was the prisoner of an organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. where he had to participate in gladiator battles. He would escape alongside the Teen Titans and Terra. In a possible future where The Rot takes over Earth, Gar is one of the few heroes to survive to aid Animal Man.

Probably his most popular incarnation.

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