January 29, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews 01/23/13

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Written by: Arnab
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A + X #4 (Marvel)
Jeff: This was a terrible, terrible comic book.
NickZ: This book is all filler. Cap and Quentin Quire was kinda okay.

Astonishing X-Men #58 (Marvel)
Arnab: This is the arc that saved Liu’s run for me. The Northstar arc was cute, the long running Karma arc was nonsense, but this arc was solid. A-
Jeff: This arc was by far Liu’s best. Focused on one character, good supporting X-Men cast, developed the character well.
NickZ: This actually made Warbird interesting to me for the first time.

Avengers #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: I’m not impressed with this book. Dropped.

Bedlam #3 (Image)
Arnab: Fucking A. I try not to swear here, because impressionable minds are everywhere, but Fucking A. I’m not a cat guy and apparently, neither is Nick Spencer. A
Jeff: You can’t say “No animals were injured in the making of this comic.” No LIVE animals were, but drawn animals definitely.

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #6 (DC)
NickZ: Darwin Cooke did a great job with this series. Pick it up in trade, you won’t regret it.

Birds of Prey #16 (DC)
NickZ: A new team of Birds takes flight.

Catwoman #16 (DC)
Arnab: This was not good. D-
Catwoman and magic do not mix.

Chew #31 (Image)
Arnab: It’s like I always say, there’s no better way too cool down from a fight than feasting on the flesh of your enemy. A
There’s nothing like beating on some bad guys and then eating a piece of them to help recover from the loss of a loved one.
NickZ: Love this book. Always a great read.

Deadpool #4 (Marvel)
Arnab: Deapool killing presidents is awesome, but I feel like maybe these writers are holding back on the crazy. A-
Deadpool kills presidents. ‘Nuff said.

Deadpool Killustrated #1 (Marvel)
Arnab: If you missed “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe” and you’re waiting for that tpb to arrive in the mail, pick this up. Deadpool is killing literary characters, it’s a no brainer. A
The sequel to Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe is just as insane.

FF #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: This book is awesome! Scott Lang is one of the best characters now! But how did Darla keep that towel on?

Gambit #8 (Marvel)
Arnab: This book is kinda rocking all kinds of socks right now and it looks great doing so. A
Jeff: Sometimes multiple artists ruin a book, but when you’ve got Ferry, Baldeon, and Mann, it’s hard not to look awesome!
NickZ: Amus continues to impress, and keeps this Gambit book damn entertaining.

Justice League #16 (DC)
Arnab: Why does Aquaman keep attacking Batman? He’s the only sane one in this group. A-
NickZ: The Throne of Atlantis story is not as lame as I expected.

Nightwing #16 (DC)
Arnab: I feel like maybe Nightwing has gotten it worse than any of the other Bat-Family members.
NickZ: Joker really pulls all the stops to break Nightwing.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #16 (DC)
This was a refreshingly fun issue, for a Joker tie-in. No really though, it was a lot of fun. B+
Fun to see the Outlaws and Teen Titans working together.

Supergirl #16 (DC)
NickZ: Since she’s come to earth, Supergirl has just made one stupid decision after another. Flash was pretty awesome.

Superboy Annual #1 (DC)
NickZ: Nice to see Superman and Superboy bonding but otherwise this was just dumb.

Uncanny Avengers #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: What is Rick Remender doing? The narration of this book was terrible. It’s like he’s trying to impersonate Grant Morrison.
NickZ: This series is just lamer than lame.

Uncanny X-Force #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: Humphries had some big shoes to fill…and instead he wore flip flops.
NickZ: Not as great as it’s predecessor but off to a good start.

Wolverine & the X-Men #24 (Marvel)
Jeff: What is going on in this book? Storm and Wolverine are a couple now?
NickZ: Wolverine and, just NO! The Quentin and Jean part was pretty cool.

Wonder Woman #16 (DC)
NickZ: The Gods have never been more fun than they are in this book. A must read.

Young Avengers #1 (Marvel)
Arnab: 1. I miss Heinberg and Cheung. 2. I kinda dig this hip, contemporary feel to Gillen’s story. 3. McElvie’s art is kinda cool, except for Wiccan’s Justin Bieber meets One Direction haircut. 4. When’s Tommy coming back? B +
Jeff: This book was just not for me. Something about McElvie’s art bothers me.
NickZ: A worthy first issue, I’ll stick around.



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