January 15, 2013

Chirpin’ Tuesday Reviews: 1/9/13 & 1/2/13

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Written by: Andy
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47 Ronin #2 (Dark Horse)
Infinite Speech: Sakai & Richardson do this Japanese tale justice!
Andy: This is beautiful. The names are tough to follow, but I’m not lazy. (3/5) #Ronin

Action Comics #16 (DC)
NickZ: I’m just gonna say it, Morrison’s run on Superman is just crap!

Adventure TIme #11 (Boom!)
NickZ: If you don’t like Adventure TIme, then you just to like fun.

Adventure Time with Fiona & Cake #1 (kaboom!)
Dr. Bustos: Great start to a series I’ve been anxiously awaiting. Can’t wait to see Lumpy Space Prince. A
NickZ: For all of us who have been waiting for this one, we weren’t disappointed.
Andy: Yes! So much fun and the kiddo loved it! The only bad part is that it’s “of 6.” 6 isn’t enough. (4.5/5) #AdventureTime

Age of Apocalypse #11 (Marvel)
Jeff: Something finally happens in this issue…but what is it????
NickZ: This was the “holy crap” issue. What’s happens now?

All New X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Best thing that happened in this issue is Beast’s new mutation! He no longer looks like a wet cat!
Jeff: I’m in X-Men heaven right now. Bendis. The Original 5. How can this get any better?
NickZ: Feels like Bendis is going to make everyone fall in love with Jean Grey again and I couldn’t be happier!
Andy: Beast is such a dick. Wolverine pushing to take out kid Cyclops felt out of character post Schism. (3/5) #XMen #MarvelNOW

American Vampire #34 (Vertigo)
Andy: The future looks wild. (4/5) #AmericanVampire

Artifacts #24 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: One of the strongest titles coming out of Top Cow right now!

Avengers Arena #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: Ok, this book is like Uncanny X-Force good.
NickZ: I have been most pleasantly surprised by this book. You’ll want to get in on this one before it’s too late.
Infinite Speech: Holy #$%@! This is just a load of fun and Kev Walker is making it look fantastic!
Andy: I’m as shocked as you are that this book keeps getting better. (3.5/5) #Avengers

Bart Simpson Comics #78 (Bongo)
Andy: One word — Bartman! (2/5) #Simpsons

Batman the Dark Knight #15 (DC)
NickZ: Batman proves once again that there is nothing he won’t do to save Gotham.

Batman Inc #6 (DC)
Dr. Bustos: Knight and Squire are two of my favorite characters, so of course they get put through the wringer. B
NickZ: The $*#! hits the fan in the ultimate custody battle ever!
Andy: I hope that character is really dead — there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be. (3/5) #Batman

Batwing #16 (DC)
NickZ: This book is consistently one of the better reads with such great depth to every story and character.

Bravest Warriors #4 (kaboom!)
Andy: For four months now I’ve genuinely lol’ed. (3/5) #BravestWarriors

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #17 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: Buffy and Illyria together!?! Need I say more?

Cable & X-Force #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: This issue picked up for me. I like the “Ocean’s Eleven” feel and wouldn’t mind that vibe continuing.
NickZ: I like that this book has a purpose and every person in it has a specific reason for being there. It’s just so Cable.
Andy: I’ll give it a few more issues, but it’s not working yet. (2/5) #Cable #XForce

Clone #3 (Image)
Andy: My god this series is f-ed up on a psychological level. So good, but if you’re a parent, your stomach will turn. (4.5/5) #Clone

Daredevil: End of Days #4 (Marvel)
Jeff: I love the mystery in this book and how Daredevil is hardly in it. Give Ben Urich his own crime book!

Detective Comics #16 (DC)
NickZ: Not of any real relevance to the “Death of The Family” storyline, but worth reading nonetheless.

Doctor Who #4 (IDW)
Jeff: This issue made me look up the London Beer Flood of 1814, which is a real thing that happened.

Earth 2 #8 (DC)
Infinite Speech: This issue is was the cure for insomniacs everywhere.

Eerie #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: “Signaling the End” wins. Needs more original content. (2/5) #Eerie

End Times of Bram & Ben #1 (Image)
Jeff: Appropriately irreverent, hilarious, and devilishly drawn. Can’t wait to read more!
Andy: I’m happy this comic exists. If you like #religious humor (that’s not condescending) read it! (4/5) #indiecomics

Fairest #11 (Vertigo)
Andy: The creative team of Lauren Beukes & Inaki Miranda is proving invaluable to the #Fables franchise. (4/5) #Fairest

Fantastic Four #3 (Marvel)
Jeff: This is just a good, classic, one-and-done FF story. I’m really enjoying this!
Andy: I like the “Space Family Robinson” theme sans the dog & parrot, but understand it’s probably not for everyone. (3/5) #FantasticFour

Fatale #11 (Image)
Dr. Bustos: Another new story and with even more overt supernatural elements, what a eerie and interesting world this is. A

First X-Men #5 (Marvel)
Jeff: What. The. Hell. Was. That?
NickZ: The worst crap series EVER! Don’t waste your time and money.

The Flash #16 (DC)
NickZ: The only way this book could be better if it was about Wally West.

Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist #7 (Dynamite)
Infinite Speech: Trautmann and Indro have excellently reintroduced Flash Gordon to the masses! They made an all Zarkov issue one of the best in the series!

Ghost #3 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Still waiting for things to get rolling — that psycho woman certainly helps! (3/5) #Ghost

Glory #31 (Image)
Andy: This issue kicks total ass with a “Holy shit!” moment on the last page! Bummed it’s all ending soon. (4.5/5) #Glory

Godzilla Half-Century War #4 (IDW)
Andy: I don’t even care about Godzilla, but I’m loving this miniseries! The art is phenomenal. (4/5) #Godzilla

Guarding the Globe #5 (Image)
NickZ: Avengers and Justice League, take note: This is what a superhero team looks like.

Invincible #99 (Image)
Dr. Bustos: I don’t care for watching them fight as much as I love watching Robot and Cecil fighting off the horrible disaster. B+
NickZ: Crazy story! Amazing art! Single panel pages! I cannot wait for 100!

Iron Man #5 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: A lot of nothing happened just for Tony to show us another new suit of armor at the end.

Jinnrise #1 (IDW)
Infinite Speech: The art was great it’s the story that has me on the fence. Going to give it another shot to make a final decision.

Justice League Dark #15 (DC)
Andy: The last two pages made the issue. (3/5) #JusticeLeague

Mega Man #21 (Archie)
Andy: Reminds me of being a kid every time I read it. From the big word balloons, to the story driven moral lesson at the end! (3/5) #MegaMan

Morbius: The Living Vampire #1 (Marvel)
Infinite Speech: Stay as far away from this as possible! Leave this on the shelf and go buy something else!
Jeff: Not a bad issue, but not gripping enough for me to continue. Morbius’ voice seems really off.
NickZ: Interesting enough first issue, I’ll stick around for number two!
Andy: Checked it out because of Keatinge’s indie work. A decent start for a niche character. (3/5) #Morbius #Vampire

New Avengers #1 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Any time I can get some awesome Black Panther and Wakanda action, I’m pleased. A
Infinite Speech: Hickman focuses on Black Panther for the first issue and Epting makes everything look great. Can’t wait to see where this series goes.
Jeff: Don’t give me that “Hickman is too smart” crap. His Avengers books are terrible.
Andy: I can’t wait to see what Hickman has in store for #BlackPanther. (3.5/5) #Avengers

Plume #1 (Devil’s Due)
Andy: The main character is endearing, but a little light on the content for a $3.99 cover price. (2.5/5) #Plume

Prophet #32 (Image)
Andy: Such cool use of gadgets and organic beings in this series. (3.5/5) #Prophet

Punk Rock Jesus #6 (Vertigo)
Jeff: A great ending to a very thought-provoking series. A great commentary on religion today.

Red She-Hulk #61 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: Once again, I’m super pleased with the Machine Man and Red She-Hulk team up. A

Road to Oz #4 (Marvel)
Jeff: This story is whacky, but I just love Skottie Young.

Savage Hawkman #15 (DC)
Andy: Hawkman actually acts savage. Too bad the dialog is painful to read. (1.5/5) #Hawkman

Scarlet Spider #13 (Marvel)
NickZ: Kaine takes a real licking from some werwolves! (see what I did there?)

Secret Avengers #36 (Marvel)
Jeff: So is Hank Pym really a Deathlok now? This is Rick Remender we’re talking about.
NickZ: Where’s John Conner when you need him? Clint Barton will have to do.

Shadowman #3 (Valiant)
Andy: Demonic monkeys annoy the crap out of me, but everything else was badass. (3.5/5) #Valiant #Shadowman

Smallville #9 (DC)
NickZ: Superman and Flash…err Impulse have a “fastest man alive” race, Smallville style!

Star Trek #16 (IDW)
Andy: If there’s one storyline to give more than 2 issues to tell, this was it. (3/5) #StarTrek

Star Wars #1 (Dark Horse)
Jeff: I wanted to like this, but I can’t imagine an in-between story being compelling enough to stick around and read.
Infinite Speech: WOW! Brian Wood rekindled what was great about this era and kicked it into lightspeed! The beautiful artowork didn’t hurt either!
Andy: An ambitious move taking place in-between episodes 4 & 5. Shows promise, but was bogged down with expo and randomness. (2.5/5) #StarWars

Star Wars: Purge of the Tyrant’s Fist #2 (Dark Horse)
Andy: Cool, but I wanted to see Vader waste that guy. Who’s the hot Imperial commander? (3/5) #StarWars

Superior Spider-Man #1 (Marvel)
Jeff: To all the idiots who got their feathers ruffled by ASM #700, Are you happy now?
NickZ: This is going to be a very fun book with great art and surprises around every corner. Don’t miss it!
Infinite Speech: I’m definitely on board with this one! So glad Slott found something new to do with Spidey!
Andy: I don’t understand why everyone’s crapping their pants. I’m reading #SpiderMan again, so mission accomplished! (3.5/5) #SuperiorSpiderMan

Superman #15 (DC)
NickZ: Superman and Lex get very Silence of the Lambs on us and FINALLY Supes calls in his JL friends to deal with H’el.
Andy: Very long-winded. Did Luthor even reveal anything useful? (2/5) #Superman

Sweet Tooth #40 (Vertigo)
Andy: Thank you for this series @JeffLemire. Nature is watching us, folks. Lets not be scabs. (5/5) #SweetTooth

Talon #3 (DC)
NickZ: Calvin and Mr. Clark get some much needed help from someone from Calvin’s past.
Andy: Guillem March’s art is great on this book. The Talon on the final page scares me. (3.5/5) #Talon

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Color Classics #7 (IDW)
Andy: Every Turtles fan needs to read this — it’s rich in TMNT lore and makes the alien Turtles concept not so off. (3/5) #TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret History of the Foot Clan #1 (IDW)
Andy: This was everything I had hoped it’d be. The art’s f-ing shellrific! (4/5) #TMNT #NinjaTurtles

Teen Titans #15 (DC)
Infinite Speech: Great tie in to Death of the Family with fantastic art from Booth. This is my favorite DC book and it still shocks the hell out of me!
NickZ: Batgirl helps out the Titans while the Joker matches wits with Red Robin.
Andy: Needs more Tim Drake. (2.5/5) #TeenTitans

Think Tank: Military Dossier #1 (Top Cow)
Infinite Speech: Great companion book to the main series!

Thunderbolts #3 (Marvel)
NickZ: Deadpool really makes this book for me. No one knows Wade like Daniel Way.
Andy: Things are picking up nicely. Hope that bullet in the head is permanent. (3/5) #Thunderbolts

Thor: God of Thunder #4 (Marvel)
Jeff: This book is so fantastic. The story is flawless, the art is magnificent, and Thor is trouble.
Andy: Esad Ribic is absolutely killing this book on art, and Aaron is redeeming himself after that Inc. Hulk run. (4.5/5) #Thor

Transformers Prime: Rage of the Dinobots #2 (IDW)
Andy: Seriously, this should be #BeastWars… even #BeastMachines would be better. (1/5) #Transformers

Ultimate Spider-Man #19 (Marvel)
Dr. Bustos: J. Jonah Jameson is one of my favorite characters, while he’s not the big cartoon I love, this one is still pretty great. A
Infinite Speech: Bendis and Pichelli back together to give us another great issue in this series.
Jeff: Sara Pichelli is back on art duties this issue and I couldn’t be happier. Her Venom is scary!
Andy: I like the developing story of Miles’ dad — he’s going to come out a different man at the end of this. (3/5) #SpiderMan

The Walking Dead #106 (Image)
Jeff: What the crap did Negan do to Carl? I need to know!
NickZ: Is it just me or is there some strange admiration-thing going on between Carl and Negan?
Andy: For an “anniversary” issue, this was pretty boring. Still, an awesome achievement by Charlie Adlard! (2/5) #WalkingDead

Willow Wonderland #3 (Dark Horse)
NickZ: Willow needs to discover what the covens true motives are before it’s too late to help her friends.

Wolverine & the X-Men #23 (Marvel)
Jeff: Ok, now that the Frankenstein crap is over, can we get on with this?
NickZ: This Frankenstein story was the worst! I’m glad it’s over. Although, Doop with brass knuckles was rad!
Andy: Glad this arc is over. The bookends were cool, but the stuff in-between was a poor choice for #MarvelNOW. (2/5) #Wolverine #XMen

X-Men: Legacy #4 (Marvel)
Jeff: This issue confirms that this book needs X-Men in order to work. Keep Chamber and Blindfold and I’ll be happy.
NickZ: I’m really liking Legion…err David for the first time. This book is pretty awesome.
Andy: This series has pulled an unexpected 180 since issues #1 and #2. Hopefully, people stuck around! (4/5) #XMen