January 10, 2013

Top Cow Reviews: Think Tank: Miliatary Dossier

Think Tank: Military Dossier
Publisher: Top Cow
Writer: Matt Hawkins
Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Cover: Rahsan Ekedal

When the first story arc of Think Tank wrapped up, Matt Hawkins must have known that we’d need something just as cool to tide us over until the next issue comes out. Well, Think Tank: Military Dossier is a great companion piece to one of the surprise new titles of 2012. And why shouldn’t it be? Much like in the main series, you’ll be getting a little something extra, and that makes this issue far from a run of the mill handbook loaded with facts.

The story opens with David and Manish watching a film that has been the butt of more jokes in the past few years than I can count. However, David finds a way to make this film seem like a valid piece of cinematic work while distracting Manish from what he’s really doing: breaking into DARPA’s personnel files.

We get some great Ekedal artwork since there’s a bit of story before diving into the files of some of the characters introduced in the main series. Hawkins also has David add some pretty humorous alterations to Manish’s files, while also giving us a bit more information regarding the cast. Once finished with the characters, there’s an edition of “Science Class” that goes even deeper into some DARPA projects via a conversation between Matt and Science Dude. As a nice little bonus there’s also a connection between one of the characters and one of my favorite Top Cow artists.

What’s great about this issue is that the creative team could have just gone with the tried formula of stats accompanied with a nice shot of the character. However, they decided to actually be creative and give readers something that makes this worth the read and quite enjoyable. Think Tank: Military Dossier is definitely a worthy companion piece to the main series.

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