November 21, 2012

Indie Reviews: IF-X #11

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Written by: Billy
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IF-X #11
Publisher: Hamtramck Idea Men
Writers: Sam Johnson, Patrick McEvoy, & others
Artist: Dan Lauer (cover by Mike Bunt)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Cabra Cini, but in this issue of IF-X she’s back  and up to her old tricks again! Cabra has been through some tough times, and she’s looking for a night off from dealing with the supernatural. What better way than to go to a costume party with her boy toy, Geoff. Let’s just say that after a slow start to the party, things get revved up a bit. Somewhat due to the alcohol consumption, and then to make matters worse, a couple of demons that Cabra thought dead come back for some more action!

OK, if you read the first story with Cabra Cini a while back, you’ll enjoy this one, too. It had some humor, action, and some reflective moments, as well. Sam uses a good combination of all those things to keep a good pace to the story. The party setting was the perfect way to show Cabra’s unwillingness to open up and be a regular person, and put aside her voodoo connection for a night. The moments of action were good, but when Cabra and her boyfriend were talking, the story was at its best.

There were several other stories in this issue, too. One involving a werewolf (“Brody & Lisa”), and another that presented a look at some vampires (“Recovery Unit”). Those two were decent and definitely worth checking out, too.

The artwork was certainly a strong selling point for the issue as the characters looked good. The settings were sometimes less detailed, but the point of the stories really didn’t hinge on that anyway. The back cover was a fantastic recreation of The Headless Horseman! It, along with the front cover, were both very good, so kudos to the artists for those! Rating 3.5/5

Suggested for mature readers, IF-X #11, 32 pages, b&w, published by H!M Comics, is available to buy online at in $2.99 Regular and $1.99 Digital editions. And if you didn’t catch Cabra’s color debut, it’s up to read for FREE at the site!

Billy Dunleavy



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