November 20, 2012

Valiant Reviews: Archer & Armstrong #4

Archer & Armstrong #4
Publisher: Valiant
Writer: Fred Van Lente
Aritst: Clayton Henry & Pere Perez
Cover: Jason Pearson

Van Lente wraps up the first arc in this issue, and what started off as a must read introduction has ended in even greater fashion. With the bad guys having gathered all six pieces of the Boon, things really aren’t looking too good for the two heroes. They’re up against Archer’s parents, The Sect, and Nazi Lamas that will stop at nothing to see them dead. Yes, Nazi Lamas that come complete with little mustaches.

The fast paced action of the story doesn’t get in the way of the storytelling, as Van Lente has done well with fleshing out the characters so far. He’s made Archer and Armstrong quite the enjoyable buddy team, and though they’ve been put together quite fast it just seems like a natural teaming. There’s also the pacing of the plot and the reveals along the way that have kept readers guessing as to exactly where this story is going. He also hints at the reintroduction of Armstrong’s brother, Gilad Anni-Padda, better known as the Eternal Warrior, in the next story arc.

What has also helped make this title awesome is Clayton Henry’s artwork. He’s been keeping the fast paced action looking excellent issue after issue. From the character designs to the moments taking place in each panel, you will be pleased with what you see. The various fight scenes not only look good, but the choreography makes sense, which makes for a better flow from panel to panel. Matt Milla’s colors bring Henry’s work to another level and help round out the visual storytelling experience in this title.

There is something really great about this title, and the creative team seems determined to make sure that readers get it. Archer & Armstrong is definitely worth the read and can hang with any of the top tier books from any of the Big Two.

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