November 18, 2012

IDW Reviews: Locke & Key: Omega #1

Locke & Key: Omega #1
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Joe Hill
Artist: Gabriel Rodriguez
Cover: Gabriel Rodriguez

It’s the beginning of the end as Hill and Rodriquez bring us the final chapter in the Lock & Key saga. Omega begins with Dodge gathering the final pieces needed to open the gate and bring the other demons into our realm. During all of this is a masterfully written character driven story told through the lens of Scot Kavanaugh’s camera. Several characters are touched on, and Hill wraps up some threads by mending some relationships, along with a good old fashioned deep introspective look into oneself.

A lot of what makes this issue as strong as it is, is the fact that Hill has built up the secondary characters just as well as the principal cast. Making this story one of the better ones where the main cast only appears briefly. Each character admission carries something that not only moves the main plot, but gives a deeper look at past events in the series. It’s actually a relief that not only is Hill still developing these characters, but that he is also keeping them worth reading about. There’s also still that feeling of dread that began when Dodge accomplished his goal at the end of the Clockworks.

Visually, the series continues to showcase great artwork from Gabriel Rodriguez. It is pretty amazing that he has been this consistently great with this series for so long. He shows an attention to detail that not only enhances each panel, but may have a hidden story element or two if you look close enough. This also helps with this emotionally driven tale where he captures what is needed in each character to keep the mood pretty heavy throughout the issue.

For the longtime readers, Locke & Key: Omega is what everything has been leading up to. It’s also the series that we hoped wouldn’t come too soon, because it marks the end. If you’ve been keeping up with the series then you already know how great it has been and that you need to pick this up. For those that have yet to check this series out, I’d suggest starting at the beginning and get up to speed on one of the best titles on comic shelves today.

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