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November 7, 2012

Aspen Previews: Executive Assistant: Assassins #5

Writer: Vince Hernandez
Artist: Lori Hanson
Colors: John Starr
Sophora’s journey continues! Executive Assistant Sophora has learned that to be a pirate in this day and age means trusting no one! The pulse-pounding “Lost at Sea” story arc reaches its thrilling conclusion, as Sophora, along with her secret lover Landon, must attempt to escape the maniacal Tinkoté’s deadly deep ocean ambush on the Sea Voyager at all costs. However, the solution to her problem may just be the toughest choice Sophora will ever have to make!
The last chapter of the new EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: ASSASSINS story arc “Lost at Sea” concludes right here!
In stores everywhere November 14th, 2012!
Here’s a preview of Excutive Assistant: Assasins #5, along with the limited edition cover from Long Beach Comic Con!
We’ve seen in the past that when an Executive Assistant succumbs to her feelings and starts a relationship, that things don’t always end well. Let’s see if Sophora has better luck than Iris in the pages of Executive Assistant: Assassins #5, which hits shelves November 14th!



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