November 7, 2012

Dark Horse Reviews: Colder #1

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Written by: Billy
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Colder #1
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writer: Paul Tobin
Artist: Juan Ferreyra
Letters: Nate Piekos

What does a sinister fire in an insane asylum back in 1941 have to do the present? You’re about to find out with this new chilling offering from Dark Horse Comics! The scene that shows us the fire is quite disturbing, and during this crazy blaze, a naked man calling himself¬† “Nimble Jack” steps through some sort of portal, and tells a patient named Declan that he’ll “grow colder.” Fast forward to the here and now, and Nimble Jack enters the room of another mental institution (through the barred window). He uses his powers of persuasion to assist the man in committing suicide. Next, a young woman gets assaulted by two muggers. She tells the police officers that she’s a nurse and also a caretaker to an invalid named Declan.

Wow, I can’t say enough good things about this book! The beginning scene in the asylum was hysterical! Tobin did a brilliant job of painting a picture of exactly what would probably happen in that scenario. Patients going absolutely berserk! This Nimble Jack character is like a cross between The Joker and Jamie Braddock. Insane, but also doing what he does for a purpose. What that purpose is, we don’t really know yet, but I’m sure it’s either sinister or very demented.

On the artwork side of things, this book was utterly beautiful. The shots of the asylum in the beginning were just stunning. The blues, yellows, and reds especially made the panels jump off the page, but darker tones were used to give that sinister feeling when things got crazy! The artist, Juan Ferreyra, is knew to me personally, but wow is he impressive. The locations, the people, and everything in-between, were just perfect. The cover is really creepy. If you’ve seen it and didn’t get creeped out, you need to see a shrink, A.S.A.P. Dark Horse really has a winner here, and hopefully things will get even crazier with the next issue!¬†Rating 4.5/5

Billy Dunleavy



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