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August 27, 2012

IDW Reviews: Jericho: Season 4 #1

 Jericho: Season 4 #1
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Kalinda Vasquez
Artits: Andrew Currie
Cover: Tim Bradstreet

The hit television series that fans would not let die continues its fourth season here! Readers were finally given the identity of the man behind the attacks, and a bit of an origin as well. All the while, Jake and Hawkins risked their lives to save him and get back to Jericho. All of this fast paced action made the third season pretty exciting. This issue, however, is a far cry from that.

What starts out as a great opening soon simmers to something a little less than thrilling by the issue’s end. Maybe it was the lack of focus on the action, but even the drama and intensity seemed to be lacking. Just when you actually think the issue is going to take off, Vasquez hits with a baby shower sequence. Not a bad thing, but when you slow the story down this much there should at least be some good character moments. When the shift is back to Hawkins, Jake, and Smith, you realize how dire things are getting now, but the story is over by then. What’s a bit shocking is that the recap in the beginning of the issue actually held more suspense than most of the issue itself.

Visually there are some very good likenesses of the television cast, and Currie does a decent job of moving the story along. What didn’t help was that Vasquez didn’t give Currie anything too exciting to draw here. Since there was also a lack of drama and tension in the story, we aren’t given that in the visuals either.

It’s my hope that this is as slow as the issues get, because with the impending threat of civil war, a missing child, and a mole in Jericho, this fourth season has all of the ingredients to be awesome!

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