August 22, 2012

Dark Horse Reviews: B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism #2

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism #2
Publisher: Dark Horse
Writers: Mike Mignola & Cameron Stewart
Artist: Cameron Stewart (cover by Viktor Kalvachev)
Colors: Dave Stewart

When Agent Strode signed on to be an agent with the BPRD, she didn’t really think about all the scenarios she might encounter. One that has caught her off guard, is a case of possession that forces her to seek out the help of an old friend of the BPRD. She learns that this friend is very old, but also very knowledgeable in the art of exorcism. First, they must release a powerful demon that the old friend, Ota Benga, has had trapped inside of his consciousness for a long time. They must travel through another plane of existence and confront the demon there, then trick it into leaving and possessing another life form, and kill it. This all must be accomplished without getting killed, letting the demon get away, and not going insane as well. You see, the closer you get to the demon, the more he can influence you with his power. No problem, right?

This two issue series was quite good considering the short number of issues, but as always with the BPRD books, everything is coming together for a big event later this year. So basically, these short little “chapters” are part of a story that has been brewing for quite some time (since Plague of Frogs?). That really makes it impossible for new readers to jump on, unless they get caught up in trades of course, but that in no way takes away from the brilliance that Mignola and crew have been pumping out for well over a year now. Heck, I honestly can’t remember ever reading a bad BPRD story.

When you have consistent writing, you most certainly expect the same as far as the artwork goes, as well. Cameron Stewart (co-writer as well), keeps up the tradition of great work with this issue. The artists always pick up right where a previous one left off, and along with the ever present colorist, Dave Stewart, things just keep on rolling with this issue. As with the last book, the cover artist, Viktor Kalvachev, adds his own unique, and very cool style to the issue. The representation of the demon on the cover is fantastic! Really a different take on something of that nature in every way. Rating 4/5

Billy Dunleavy



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