August 19, 2012

Back Row Comics Review: Revolution Aisle 9

Publisher: Back Row Comics
Writer: Brady Sullivan
Artist: Andrea Schiavone
Letters: Bernie Lee

Are you a fan of the Twilight Zone? Do you explore the internet in hopes of stories like what you used to see Rod Sterling introduce you to? Back Row Comics’ Revolution Aisle 9 follows the tradition of presenting a horror story that is more about a personal hell of weird than it is about the boogeyman under the bed.

The story begins during the American Revolutionary War, where Adam is on the run from the British forces. He makes the wrong decision, and ends up trapped in the town of Kent in the year 2011 in a Wow-Mart store. From the hell of war to the hell of modern consumerism in just a few seconds.

The artwork with its black and white imagery kept reminding me of the old Twilight Zone episodes, and with no grey-scale it made me think that maybe Adam viewed this hellish landscapeĀ in only black and white.

You feel for poor Adam as he descends into more of a Rambo style defense mechanism; this is effectively Rambo meets Twilight Zone, and it’s very effective. Adam is both our point of view and he becomes our villain due to mere confusion. In the end, people are dead, Adam is lost, and no one wins.

These are the kind of horror stories I really dig, so if you aren’t looking for a story that’s unnerving as it points out your flaws, because you dig the scary monster behind the door, I don’t blame you if this isn’t your cup of tea. You should give it a try, though, because it is very much in the vein of old comics like Tales from the Crypt in having you follow the sad journey of an unfortunate soul.

You can buy the comic at, and they have plenty of free things for you to read, as well. I’m definitely going to go over there and start checking out their other works. I’d also like to thank Back Row Comics for a free copy of the comic. Go give Back Row Comics a chance if you haven’t already.

Alexander Bustos



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