August 14, 2012

Crisis of Infinite Reviews 08/08/12

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Written by: Arnab
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Batgirl #12
Writer: Gail Simone
Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes, and Ulises Arreola
Cover Artists:
Ardian Syaf, Vicente Cifuentes, and Ulises Arreola

Batwoman guest stars as Batgirl takes on Knightfall and her gang of false heroes. Though initially Batwoman fights Batgirl, she eventually is persuaded to fight the real bad guys. Together, along with Detective McKenna, the three take on The Disgraced. There are a couple of things that play out really well in this issue. The first being James Jr.’s reappearance in Gotham. Sure, he had previously been seen a couple issues back, but with this issue he’s back to being the James that Snyder wrote so well back in Detective Comics. Batgirl’s fight with The Disgraced was also well executed. For the first time in this series she was able to handle herself. Unlike her fight with Batwoman, which was the biggest downside to this otherwise strong issue. Batgirl, who has fought alongside Nightwing, Black Canary, and Batman can’t hold her own against Batwoman? This would have been the perfect moment for Batgirl to cast aside everyone’s doubts and prove herself to be the top female Bat. 4/5

Batman #12
Writer: Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV
Becky Cloonan, Sandu Florea, and FCO
Cover Artists:
Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, and FCO

When Harper Row first appeared in the pages of Batman, her history with Batman was a mystery. This issue, a break between the Court of Owls story and the upcoming Joker story, serves as an origin of sorts for this unknown heroine. With her mother out of the picture and her father being pretty much useless, Harper has had to grow up real fast. Her time is spent going to school, being a hero to her brother, working in the tunnels, and occasionally spying on Batman. In just one short issue, Scott Snyder has introduced a fantastic new character to Gotham. Harper is a very proactive, strong character that fits right into Gotham. The scenes depicting the way she uncovered Batman’s role in keeping Gotham alive were excitingly reminiscent of Tim’s uncovering of Batman’s real identity. The scenes with her looking after her brother perfectly emulated the familial values that often run through the Bat-titles. Becky Cloonan’s art perfectly suited the issue, bringing a softer touch to the gritty world of the Batman. 4.5/5

Batman and Robin #12
Writer: Peter J. Tomasi
Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz
Cover Artists: Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, and John Kalisz
Publisher: DC

With just a couple sentences at the end of this issue, Tomasi demonstrated just why a Dick and Damian Batman and Robin was a far better choice than a Bruce and Damian Batman and Robin. Bruce and Damian make for a very dangerous duo, no doubt about it, however, they don’t make for a very strong partnership. With both characters strong-willed, stubborn, and moody, this series has been on the darker side. In this issue we witnessed Damian’s final “Robin” confrontation as he came across Dick. With just a couple lines he did what the other two Robins and Batman couldn’t do; he left Damian speechless, but more importantly, he quelled his anger. The reason the previous installment of Batman and Robin was so effective, so good, was that the Batman and the Robin balanced each other out; they were each other’s compliment. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case here, and as a result, the story suffers. 3.5/5

Superboy #12
Writers: Tom DeFalco
Robson Rocha, Eduardo Pansica, Maria Benes, Richard Horie, and Tanya Horie
Cover Artists:
Steve Lightle and Hi-Fi

While this series has mainly been used as an extension of the Teen Titans series, we’re finally getting into Superboy’s solo adventures. Unfortunately, this issue was a bit boring. When DC rebooted this title, they cut Superboy’s ties to both the Teen Titans and the Super-Family. The first 11 issues were used to reintegrate him into the Teen Titans, but with this being a solo title, that couldn’t possibly last forever. Unfortunately, without his team, Superboy is nowhere near exciting enough to maintain a solo series. In order for this title to reclaim its former glory, this creative team is going to need to get Superboy a decent supporting cast, as well as some exciting villains, unlike the one featured in this issue. 3/5

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