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July 21, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: Avengers: The Korvac Saga pt 4

Hello and welcome back to another great week, right here in Ye Olde School Café! As I gear up for vacation next weekend, I can’t help but be in a dilemma (as usual) over which books to take with me to the beach! Having an iPad does make things a little easier, though. Now, back to the matter at hand. The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the team that has defended the planet more times than anyone, is in quite a bind. Members of the team, as well as others, have been disappearing into thin air. There’s also the fact that Korvac is still on the loose, and no one knows when or where he may strike next! Let’s begin our next part of the Avengers: Korvac Saga!

As the team is still reeling from the events at the convent, and Cap’s disappearance, they retreat back to their headquarters. They have a couple of visitors, though, and one, by the name of Hawkeye, is a sight for sore eyes! The team greets him with lots of gratitude, but they soon see the other visitor, Henry Gyrich, and the feelings switch to a more angry mood. As the team argues with Gyrich, Jarvis bursts into the room to tell the team that while out jogging he saw that the police were trying to stop Tyrak from wreaking havoc down at the docks. The team springs into action and immediately confronts him. Initially it seems like the team will overpower him due to sheer numbers, but he soon demonstrates why he’s the scourge of seas. He pounds the living crap out of Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, and Vision! It’s not until the Scarlet Witch intervenes with her hex powers, that the team gains an advantage. Eventually, Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man take him out, and things settle down. As the team walks away, Wonder Man asks Ms. Marvel if she’s going to stay with the team. She tells him that she’s got her own life to lead, but that she’d love to see more of him! Just after that, Wonder Man disappears like Cap and the others!

Meanwhile, Wasp calls Black Panther for some much needed help, and he agrees to lend a hand. Tony is upstairs battling with how and when he wants to tell the team about his alter-ego, Iron Man. He heads downstairs when he hears some commotion. The team informs Iron Man that things are getting crazier with people disappearing, and that they’ve called in some other members for help. Hercules and a few others are on their way to help. As they discuss this, we see a shadowy figure lurking over a view screen at this very conversation, who plots to take out the Avengers, one by one.

In the next issue, Iron Man calls a meeting to order. Hercules, Black Widow, and the others arrive just in time for Nick Fury to tell the Avengers that if Gyrich thinks the team is a risk, then he wants nothing to do with them. Korvac is also watching the team, and he is keeping an eye on not only them, but also every cosmic and powerful being in the galaxy. Meanwhile, he’s using his cosmic awareness to try and find Eternity. He wants to topple the cosmic giant, but as he searches, he detects that his woman is doing something terrible. Back at Avengers HQ, the team is greeted by Mar-Vell, and he tells them that he’s aware that something is going awry on Earth and in the galaxy. The Black Panther has arrived as well, and the team is having another meeting to try and figure out why things are going so crazy. As they talk, Pym vanishes right in front of everybody, and Wasp is visibly shaken. Iron Man contacts the Guardians of the Galaxy, and they shed some light on the subject. They tell him that they have triangulated an area that has had some strange activity, and then Iron Man tells them to transport the team there. They do, and the team arrives at the strange lair of the Collector himself!

Well, that’s it for now, but be back next week to see why the Collector has been…collecting Avengers, and what fate he will see. And also, the final showdown with Korvac!

Billy Dunleavy



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