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July 24, 2012

Touring the Cosmos: Captain Marvel #1

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Written by: mike
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Greetings fans! Good ol’ Touring the Cosmos has been on a bit of a hiatus as of late (pesky cosmic storms), but is now back in action! In its absence, a slew of space faring comics have been released. From X-O Manowar to Extermination to The Hypernaturals, the last few weeks have been full of cosmic goodness. Upon the return of TTC though, we will be looking at the arrival of a new Marvel comic, Captain Marvel, in another installment of…



Captain Marvel #1

Writer: Kelly Sue Deconnick
Artist: Dexter Soy


It has been a while since the mantle Captain Marvel has been donned. The last time we got to see that bursting star was across the chest of a zombie-like version in AvX, or going even further back outfitted on a Skrull impostor. Danvers has always flip-flopped with her name and costume, never being too sure of who or what she wanted to be. She started as Ms. Marvel (an homage to her idol), was Warbird during her time with The Avengers, and even went by the name Binary while she was traveling with the Starjammers. It’s about time that fans finally get to read a proper Captain Marvel title, since the last running title starring Genis-vell was about 10 years back. The most recent wearer of the mantle is none other than Ms. Carol Danvers, a most fitting replacement.

Captain Marvel #1, written by Kelly Sue Deconnick with art by Dexter Soy, is a great initial issue. It establishes Danvers in her role as Captain Marvel, as well as where she stands in the Marvel U. The issue starts with a fantastic fight sequence between Carol and Cap against the Absorbing Man. From there the issue rolls into where Carol currently stands in the Marvel U. She is an ally of the The Avengers, but not quite sure where she exactly stands as a hero. Between letting off some steam with Spider-Man and a few flashbacks, Carol propels into her exciting new role as Captain Marvel.

Variant Cover by Adi Granov.

Dexter Soy’s art is nothing short of stellar. Soy’s knack for character poses and posture is truly amazing, adding life to panels that might otherwise be a bit boring. The action sequences with Absorbing Man and Captain America were a pleasure, starting with a gorgeous double-page spread, and ending with bone crunching super-heroics. Even when the heroes are chit-chatting in the middle of a fight, they always look action-ready and pleasing to look at. When the story gears a bit more away from the action and delves into the character, Soy easily manages to keep the art entertaining. The characters are brimming with emotion just through the looks in their faces and their posture. It will be really exciting to see more of Soy’s work in the future, whether on Earth, or more importantly in space.

How Kelly Sue Deconnick was able to fit so much into one issue will amaze most readers. This couldn’t be a more fitting first issue for an already established character. Deconnick managed to touch on so many aspects of Carol. A bit about where Carol comes from, her history as an Avenger, as an Air Force colonel, her own personal relationships, what inspires her, and where she wants to go in the future. Yeah, I know, right? All of that into one issue and it wasn’t a jumbled mess. It was all very organic and easy to digest as a reader. Re-introducing a character that has been around for a long time can’t be easy for a writer. Some might make the first issue all about background, some may ignore it and go straight for the present. Deconnick managed to hook new readers and keep old ones interested. Carol has never really found solid footing in the Marvel U, but hopefully Deconnick will manage to stabilize this fan favorite.

Captain Marvel #1 is an amazing introductory issue. New readers and long time fans should be very excited about where this title can potentially go. The first issue has a fantastic blend of history of the character, as well as establishing her new role in the universe. Deconnick managed to show that she can script some hilarious fight banter, as well as deep motivation and personal emotion. Dexter Soy’s artistic ability not only enhances the whole issue, but takes it beyond fantastic. There is a ton to read in this one issue, and a ton to be excited about for new and old readers alike. Oh, and Carol’s new Stark designed digs? Pretty sweet.

Mike Parente



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