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June 23, 2012

Tango Unlimited: The Infinium #3

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Written by: AHudson
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The Infinium #3
Publisher: Tango Unlimited
Writer: Rich Perez
Artist: Ron ONG
Cover: Ron ONG

Chapter 3: Enter the Guardsmen It’s been a year since The Infinium #1, and almost a year since The Infinium #2 was released. I couldn’t help but anxiously wonder if the series was cancelled after such a long hiatus, which if anything, proved that the series does hold promise and did keep me interested in it enough. Fortunately the boys are back in town with The Infinium #3, and the year long break has given them time to hone in on their chops.

For one thing, the pace is faster and the intrigue is greater, now that the story is no longer being set up. Even if you haven’t read the previous two comics, it’s pretty easy to jump in. Basically, a normal, everyday guy gets teleported to another planet to fight to the death against other aliens via tournament style. So basically, Mortal Kombat meets Secret Wars. There’s plenty of big fights, all of which have a purpose in the story line.

But it’s not just all action in this issue. One of my favorite moments was the scene back at Earth where Brian Villa’s wife is filing a police report, trying to find out what the hell happened to her husband. This is one of the few occasions where a comic book takes a look at what’s going on back home and doesn’t pretend that nobody notices that someone has mysteriously gone missing for days. Plus, it shows that the team has potential to one day write a comic that has less action and is more character driven.

The artwork has improved, as well. It’s still the same exact style as the previous issues, but the backgrounds are more dynamic and there’s a little more detail, especially with the action sequences. The digital inking produces some nice effects, but in all honestly, I’d prefer it if it was more traditionally inked. Actual ink would bring out even more detail, and seeing that this is somewhat of a retro tale, actual ink would add some charm.

Just like the previous issues, The Infinium #3 is very much a true indie comic and something that might turn off mainstream comic book fans. However, this issue shows why people buy and support independent comic books. Indie comic books give people the chance to find a diamond in the rough, and the chance to see raw talent get better with each issue. And if The Infinium keeps continuing to improve, this series might turn out to be a gem.

A reviewer’s copy was provided by the publisher.

If you would like to purchase a physical or digital copy of The Infinium #3, you can do so at starting July 2, 2012.

Andrew Hudson


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  1. Nathan

    I went shopping this weekend and picked up a copy of this book digitally as it appears still not to be sold anywhere here in Colorado (hey guys hint hint) the website they has it online but I’m sorry I just can’t get myself to do PayPal. So I picked up this third book via Amazon (Prime) and I have to admit its come a long way from that first issue. The art is vastly improved, inking is good and the colors are pretty good also. The story is really taking shape and the action is well played. Like mentioned up top there’s action and it has purpose to it. It’s not just a fight thrown in their for the sake of throwing some meaning less fight into the mix, there’s several fights and its well explained why it happened. These guys appear to take their work seriously and for an indie group of unknowns this shows promise. The drama is well thought out and the dialogue although stilted at times really shows character depth. Again I’m and old school comic colector and I can’t stand the rubbish that DC and Marvel are spitting out lately, but I’m enjoying what i’ve seeing so far. It’s somewhat retro yet I’m struggling to compare it, but I would say the writing style reminds me of Grant Morriosn and the art is definitely a throwback to Gil Kane. Keep it coming I’m enjyoing it.

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