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June 16, 2012

Cosplay for Charity! Part 2

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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Welcome back! Emerald Knights comic shop had Cosplay for Charity for the Shriners Hospitals for Children on June 9th in Burbank, California, and Comic Attack was there to get pictures of all the great costumes and guests! Last time we stayed inside the shop for the early part of the event, so this time we take a step outside in front of the shop where more folks showed up to help.

The level of detail in this costume was intense.

Batt Raj arrived as Rule 63 (gender-swapped) Harley Quinn. While he was there for the interior part, he helped instigate my need to go outside. You see, Harley here arrived in style, in his very own Joker-Mobile.

Harley tried to get away with some money, but Wonder Woman wasn't having any of that.

This car could support an article of its own. The whole thing was wrapped with images of Joker, Harley, and plenty of other neat images.

Stormtroopers were outside most of the time, but I got them when they were resting inside.

The 501st Legion were on hand with their impressive Stormtrooper gear. They were outside taking photos with passersby for most of the time, only inside to rest for a few minutes.

Those claws were HUGE!

Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers was played by Dianna. Her claws were truly impressive, they were massive and could likely take down most people with them.

Storm made sure it was a sunny day for the event.

GNB Cosplay came as Storm, and had the eyes to prove it. Her costume reminded me of the X-Men Legends video game and using the tornado and lightning combo attack. All my ideas for drawing attention to the event would have led to severe danger if she’d done that combo.

X-23 was ready to tear things up, for charity.

Danielle was X-23, and those claws looked as deadly as Hsien-Ko’s; size truly matters not. I could understand not having boot knives, that could have been very dangerous and unwieldy.

Our second Captain America appears!

Matt Jensen arrived as our second Captain American, and he was rocking the more modern film version of the suit. He was also playing HeroClix as Captain America.

Thor lets the charity's coordinator, Jason Enright, see Mjolnir.

Alex Chavez was worthy enough to wield the hammer of Mjolnir and be Thor for charity. He also took part in the Marvel Heroic Role-playing game, but Thor was not available so he played Wolverine.

I like to imagine Black Widow is about to throw a grenade.

Tally Smith arrived as Black Widow, and did away with stealth to take pictures for charity. She also took part in some HeroClix, too.

He was at Cosplay Karaoke from my other article!

Chris Dorman was on “hand” (Get it? I’m sorry.) as the infected lead of District 9. It’s best that you shake his left hand instead.

He had his own theme music playing.

Kenneth Miller was a Spartan soldier from Halo, and he went that extra mile. He had all sorts of tech for the suit. He could play music, speak with a cool voice, light the room, and his phone was on his wrist gauntlet!

She didn't steal anything for the charity, that would have been conflicting.

Gabz JediPrincess showed up as Black Cat and was ready to bring the event some good luck.

Wasp showed up too!

Tyler Ricotta was Giant Man, Hank Pym with Janet, the Wasp, on his shoulder. If you crouched while he stretched up, it looked like he was growing.

He was also in this outfit for Cosplay Karaoke!

Dave Pereyra was on a mission from God bringing the Blues Brothers vibe to help out the cause. He was out in the streets yelling for folks to come on in.

All the blue made me first think she was a Sailor Scout.

Leela BluePins arrived as Konata from Lucky Star to take pictures, not just with Batman and Bane as seen here.


Spider-Man was Jay Bleu, who showed up to hang around and take photos. You could say he  swung on by to help. I’ll stop now.


Jimmy Staley was Dakken and as his sign showed, it made me glad we didn’t get a Wolverine cosplay.


Our second Catwoman showed up as played byKatie Mitchell. We didn’t have two Catwomen at the same time so it didn’t get too confusing.

Rebel Soldier

Chuey showed up to protect the ideals of the Rebel Alliance, and seeing how our Stormtroopers from the 501st weren’t around when I saw him, I guess he succeeded!

Cobra Commander

Okay, I’m way over the amount of pictures per article, so we’re going to have to have another article to fill in with all the guests and hijinx that happened. To finish you off I leave you with Cobra Commander; in my fluster of it all I didn’t get the mystery man’s name. I like the mystery of who is Cobra Commander, but if you see this or anyone who knows who he is wants me to name him, I will. He was great with kids, which makes recruiting for Cobra that much easier. See you for the final post, folks!

Alexander Bustos


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