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June 15, 2012

Cosplay for Charity! Part 1

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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In Burbank, California there is the Emerald Knights comic shop, an impressive place that decided to use its love of comics and cosplay to try and help out a good cause. Cosplay for Charity was an event to raise money for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. The event was able to raise well over 3,000 dollars, and brought a lot of smiles to the folks who came in. There were a lot of people who showed up to help, so now let’s take some time to showcase all these wonderful people and their amazing costumes in the shop itself.

Our first Cap with the original shield.

Cap awaits to lead the team.

This Captain America, played by Chris, was one of two. It was amazing that with so many cosplayers we only had two doubles. This Cap could be seen playing  the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, playing as Captain America, naturally.

Manga/Anime characters were there to save the day, as well.

Here we have Jesse Johannsen as Itachi from Naruto. He was frequently seen spinning his shuriken around playfully and skillfully.

Comic Attack's Mac as Black Canary, or as a portmanteau, Mac Canary.

Mac Beauvais was ready to give out her Canary Cry to any villain, hero, or passerby if it meant she’d raise money for charity. She even had a film crew following her around for the day so it was a camera-filled day, as there were at least two different film crews around during the day, and me taking pictures.

Even video game heroes showed up.

David was Luigi and kept mentioning how Mario was off trying to save Peach yet again. He was jumping about, and we all agreed that while he’d get attention jumping from car to car, he may get horribly injured or into severe legal trouble.

The Sith can see that kids need help.

I bet he uses the Force to roll 20's.

Darth Metal as played by Chris Bang was on hand as a zabrak sith lord. He was often seen playing a dwarven warlock in a Dungeons and Dragons game upstairs alongside the other games.

Restaurant mascots can be strong in the Force and come help save the day, too.

Pablo Ramos came in with the idea of merging Bob’s Big Boy mascot with the Jedi, and making a force-wielding Big Boy carry both lightsaber and hamburger. He also did an amazing art piece of fellow cosplayer Chrissy Lynn as Catwoman that you should go check out at his site; he’s a very talented man.

This didn't break the Prime Directive, I think.

We had a member of Star Fleet on hand, William Ryker as played by William O’Neil, who was there for the whole day of the event.

Tony decided it was best if Stark Industries was there for the kids.

Will Elizondo brought the coolness of Tony Stark to help raise funds. That was a well made arc reactor that looks like it wasn’t just built in a cave with a box of scraps.

Wonder Woman's costume looked like it was hand-made by Amazon armor-smiths.

Wonder Woman ran a game of superheroes; I would read this comic.

A member of Happy Jacks RPG Podcast was on hand as Wonder Woman, and was even running a game of Wild Talents for a superhero table top RPG session. If you ever wanted to game with Wonder Woman, this was your chance.

One of two Catwomen, but one of three catburglars at the event.

Chrissy Lynn showed up as Catwoman with deadly looking claws and was ready to get money, not from theft, but donation. A novel approach for the famed thief.

The BlazBlue games had some characters stop by to help.

Cold Candle arrived as Noel Vermillion and had an adorable panda ready to help out. Seeing this picture reminds me I need to go pick up one of those games.

Not just humans and superhumans showed up, but humanized ponies, as well.

Amanda Vance was taking the creative interpretation of the fan-named Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I liked the old timey feel of the outfit.

So with that, we’ll have to return for another round, possibly two more, to cover everyone and everything at Cosplay for Charity. Next time we’ll explore outside the store just out front to get more cosplayers, and the madness that was promoting it out front. I’ll leave you with our costumed gods on high.

Just a few of our heroes resting.

Alexander Bustos


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