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May 27, 2012

‘Men In Black 3’ steals top box-office spot from ‘The Avengers’

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Written by: Boyblunder

But fear not; this is far from the dying throes of the Marvel Masterpeice. Disney estimates that ‘The Avengers’ will take in $47.1 million for the four day weekend, while Sony estimates that ‘MIB3’ will rake in the lions share of $70 million. Still not too shabby by any means for ‘The Avengers’, which is now in its fourth week at the American theater.
Currently ‘The Avengers’ is on track to surpass 2008’s ‘The Dark Knight’ this week. After it completes such a massive feat as conquering the previously top reigning comic-book movie it wil only have two more titles ahead of it in the highest grossing movies of all time (Avatar, and Titanic). If i were James Cameron i’d be refreshing the Box Office Mojo page frequently.¬†‘The Avengers’¬†keeps on dominating box office records. Just this weekend it gained the title of fastest movie to reach $500 million.
‘Men in Black 3’, now shares a spot with ‘The Avengers’ as one of the only succesful films in this summer movie season so far. Surpassing the Lukewarm response to ‘Dark Shadows’, and ‘Battleship’. However the season has just begun and we still have yet to experience other “Heavy Hitters” such as ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, and ofcourse the eagerly awaited finale to the Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy ‘The Dark Knight’. Time will tell if Will Smith can swoon Spidey and The Bat out of any dough, but personally…i would’nt count on it.
Grady Dixson



  1. Well, I for one am happy to hear/read that MIB3 is a success!
    And I’m glad that The Avengers looks to overtake TDK.

    I’m really sick of Nolan’s Bat-flicks. I think they’re overrated mediocrity put to film.
    I think Begins only did half as well as it did, because fans were willing to eat up anything that wasn’t “Batman & Robin”. And TDK made half its Box Office earnings because of Ledgers death.
    I think TDKR looks terrible and I can’t wait for the reboot of this franchise.

    On the other side, I’m outrageously excited for The Amazing Spider-Man

  2. I had reservations about seeing MIB3 because of how bad the 2nd film was. But all I keep hearing is how good this one is so it looks like I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t think Dark Shadows had a chance at all based on that craptastic trailer and Battleship is probably something I’d watch on Netflix.

    • And i paid to go see battleship…..don’t make the same mistake i did. even if its just a dollar at the redbox hahah

  3. I’m a huge fan of Nolan’s Bat films, but after this one i’ll be ready for a shake up…i think after the 90’s crap fest that was Batman and Robin, and Batman forever, ruined us for anything lighthearted…Then Batman begins and the Dark Knight came around and gave that ultra real/dark batman movie that everyone had wanted, i personally love both of the nolan movies, and i’m sure this one will be great, but after Avengers, i just dont see myself getting as pumped over it as i did with TDK….definitley looking forward to the next bat franchise…more curious than anything.

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