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June 1, 2012

Dallas Comic-Con 2012: The Costumes

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Written by: Kristin
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If you’ve been following my convention coverage of 2012’s Dallas Comic-Con all week, thank you very much! If you missed out: Part 1 The Con (show review), Part 2 Q&As (featuring Patrick Stewart, John de Lancie, and James Marsters). Today I’ll be sharing my photographs of the great costumes that were worn by the attendees. A quick note: As I mentioned before in my con write up, it was incredibly crowded in the convention center, which made it difficult to take photographs of any sort. There was a costume contest Saturday night, so I gave up on hunting for good costumes during the day and waited for the contest to take my photos. The quality varies, due to my distance from the stage, the quick movement of contestants, and the stage wranglers who kept getting in the way (the red-shirted people next to the stage). Some of them were bad enough that I simply deleted them (most of my photos from the kids’ costume contest turned out quite bad), some aren’t great but can at least be made out, while others turned out quite well with a lucky shot. You’ll note that sometimes I gave up trying to get a clear shot of the stage and framed the projection screen in instead, which was helpful. I did find some great costumes while wandering the show floor, so I’ll of course share those as well. Anyway, please enjoy the costumed cosplayers of DCC 2012! (Click the photos for the full size.)

OK, that last one wasn’t a costume, but I forgot to post it earlier this week. So there you go! Soooo many photos. I’m sorry if it dragged down anyone’s computer. I hadn’t realized I’d taken so many. And that wraps up my Dallas Comic-Con 2012 coverage!




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