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May 30, 2012

Dallas Comic-Con 2012: Q&As

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Written by: Kristin
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Hello, and welcome back to my coverage of the 2012 Dallas Comic-Con! On Monday I did a run down of the overall con experience, and posted a bunch of pictures from around the convention floor. Today I’m going to share with you the audio and video files from the Patrick Stewart/John de Lancie Q&A, as well as the audio for the James Marsters Q&A. Both events were entertaining, with Sir Stewart providing anecdotes on growing up in England, then answering questions about Star Trek and his career. John de Lancie (Q) joined him about halfway through, and they both talked about Star Trek for a bit, until Stewart left and John continued the Q&A on his own. A note on the video: I don’t have the entire Q&A on video. I didn’t record the beginning or end of the session because I was using my camera to take pictures. My camera also, for whatever reason (probably a setting I’ll need to mess with for next time) only records in about 15-20 minute segments before automatically stopping, so the flow isn’t perfect. Rather than edit them together and upload the whole thing, I’m going to upload the separate files and link them here. I’ll also post the pictures I took (from both Q&As). Marsters answered every question asked him with humor and grace, and even sang a song he wrote. I’m not a fan, personally (the girls I was with were), but I could tell that Marsters really loves and appreciates his fans, and valued his time on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Without further ado…. Notes on the Stewart/de Lancie recording: de Lancie shows up around the 23 minute mark. Sir Stewart leaves around the 38 minute mark (far too short a time, in my opinion, but he had to return to signing autographs), and de Lancie continues. At around the 40 minute mark, de Lancie starts talking about…wait for it….My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is a Brony. The whole thing runs about 50 minutes.

Patrick Stewart/John de Lancie Q&A Audio only


DCC ’12 Patrick Stewart Q&A pt 1

DCC ’12 Patrick Stewart Q&A pt 2

DCC ’12 Patrick Stewart Q&A pt 3

DCC ’12 Patrick Stewart Q&A pt 4

Dallas Comic Con 2012 James Marsters Q&A Audio only; runs about 45 minutes.

Hope you guys enjoyed that! On Friday I’ll have another post ready featuring the costumes I saw over the weekend.




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