May 12, 2012

Image Reviews: Spawn #219

Spawn #219
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Todd McFarlane & Jon Goff
Artist: Szymon Kudranski
Cover: Michael Golden & Todd McFarlane

After the new Hellspawn went through another transformation last issue, it’s time for the throw-down between him and Malebolgia! The fight between the two seems very one sided, but just when you think the issue couldn’t get any better, McFarlane pushes it past awesome with some very key reveals. The truth about the new Spawn and the Symbiote’s real motives are just the tip of the iceberg here!

It seems that with each issue this series is delivering on its promise to go in a new direction and entertain the hell out of the fans. McFarlane paced this one out perfectly as everything kept building the way a good story should. There’s plenty of expo here, but it’s spread out over the tense and heated confrontation of Spawn and Malebolgia. McFarlane and Goff also keep things far from predictable, which has made these past few arcs that much more enjoyable. If you also add to the fact that much of what is going on has been in the making since very early issues of the series, it gives everything a richer feel.

If you haven’t seen what Szymon Kudranski has been doing in the pages of Spawn, then you are missing out on some of the best art in the industry right now! A large part of why this series has been working so well is that his style fits the world of Spawn quite perfectly. He keeps the suspenseful and dramatic scenes looking as good as the action that takes place in the story. However, that very last page was just awesome and classic, even though that big spiked boot is quite impractical from an aesthetic point. Though it looks cool as hell regardless!

This is one creative team that should remain on the series for as long as possible. Ever since McFarlane introduced us to the new Spawn, things haven’t been the same, and that’s a great thing. If you were concerned that Jim Downing wouldn’t cut it as Spawn, just know that McFarlane has made him just as integral to the mythos as Al Simmons was and still is. The fact that we’re reviewing the 219th issue of a creator owned title speaks volumes, so I’d suggest giving Spawn a look and see what this team is doing!

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