May 8, 2012

Indie Reviews: The Almighties #1

The Almighties #1
Publisher: Actuality Press
Writer: Sam Johnson & Mike Gagnon
Artists: Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano, & D.C. White
Colors: Mike Gagnon, Gulliver Vianei, & Jennifer Scott

From the mind of Cabra Cini writer, Sam Johnson, comes a tale of a group of superheroes brought together to fight the Earth’s mightiest threats! The timing couldn’t be better than right now to coincide with the Avengers movie premiere. The book is a parody of the Avengers, but with an edge to it. It focuses around a group of characters that are brought together, but are then quickly sent out on missions by the mysterious leader, “White Out.” He stated that he wanted them to train for a month, but suddenly changed his mind and ordered them to their first assignment. It was to stop an organization that he claimed had killed an innocent janitor inside a building while it was being raided, trying to save animals that were being used for testing. After two more missions, the team starts to wonder about one of its members. He seems to be missing time with the team, but for lame reasons. The team soon comes to realize that they’ve been played, and now it’s time for the Almighties to Amass!

Alright, well, first things first. This book was downright funny. There were several scenes that were absolutely hilarious. Most of the humorous scenes involved parodies of the Avengers, and were well done. During the one team meeting, the Ms. Marvel look-alike gets sexually harassed by the British team member. It totally resembles what you’d see between two Avengers. Also, the battle cry of “Almighties Amass!” is great, and the part that will make you laugh the most. The book is a light read, but certainly meant to be so. There was a surprise guest appearance by none other than President Obama, as well!

The artwork in the book isn’t too bad in regards to its Indie status. This is something that holds a lot of Indie books back. Sub-par art can really turn off a reader even if the story is top notch, but in this case, it doesn’t take anything away from the story. You get what you pay for with this book. Decent artwork and a funny story that mirrors the Avengers, just a slightly cracked mirror! Rating 3.5/5

Here is a link to a preview and also to a review of another book, and a podcast with writer Sam Johnson! Enjoy!

Preview of The Almighties #1

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Podcast interview w/ Sam by Decapitated Dan

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