May 5, 2012

Image Reviews: Vescell #7

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Written by: InfiniteSpeech
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Vescell #7
Publisher: Image
Writer: Enrique Carrion
Artist: John Upchurch
Cover: John Upchurch

When reading Vescell, my suggestion is to expect the unexpected while you sit back and enjoy the ride. This issue features more of Carrion’s unique style of storytelling, as he introduces us to some new characters while the main characters take a back seat. Officer Lasa is a cop who has been beat up by life and has a questionable past. So when he’s asked to assist a couple of dirty cops to pick up a “package,” things go straight to hell when he decides to get a conscience. The package turns out to be a woman, and now the two are on the run and in need of some help.

Now, you would think this tale would be pretty straightforward, but as I mentioned earlier, Carrion has a unique way of telling his stories. By combining some sharp dialog with Lasa’s extensive inner monologue, this ends up one of the most emotionally intense chases to grace the pages of a comic. The strength of this issue along with the previous ones is how well Enrique moves these mixed genre stories. They’re consistently strong, though a little more reveal wouldn’t be a bad thing, but the mystery helps keep things fresh. Enrique still makes each issue accessible as stand alone stories, but they all fit together to paint a bigger picture.

What’s just as exciting as the story is to see how Upchurch will interpret the script with his artwork. Well, there’s nothing short of his usual good work scattered among these pages from panel to panel. From the exploding vampire  head to the one splash page, this is a good looking book. You could complain that there is a lack of backgrounds, though with the extensive amount of dialog in this issue, Carrion’s words just would have been in the way of more good artwork.

If you are tired of reading the rehash of the reboot in those mainstream titles, then I would strongly suggest giving the Vescell series a look. It’s definitely one of the many creator owned titles delivering something new that’s worth your hard earned money!

Infinite Speech


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