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May 2, 2012

Disney Publishing Worldwide Presents: Marvel Super Heroes #1!

Marvel Super Heroes Magazine #1
Publisher: Disney Publishing Worldwide
Writer: Landry Walker
Artist: Craig Rousseau
Colors: John Rauch
Full Color, 36 pages, $4.99

Just in time for the Avengers movie release this Friday comes an all-ages magazine that will knock your socks off! Straight off the presses of Disney Publishing Worldwide, comes a fantastic kids’ book that features thirty-six pages of Avengers awesomeness. On May 1st, kids can search their favorite retail outlet (Walmart, Target, Barnes & Noble, etc.) along with participating comic shops for this magazine.

The magazine features posters, games, puzzles, cutouts, quizzes, collectible bios, and more! The biggest and coolest thing, though, is a Mighty Thor comic inside the pages! A tale of Loki, Thor, and Odin lies within, and it’s down right good stuff, too (writer – Joe Caramanga, artist – Terry Pallot). The magazine has a beautiful glossy cover and pages to match, with full, vibrant colors throughout. The artwork itself is pretty good, too, and resembles more of a regular comic book than an all-ages edition. Personally, if I were seeing this as a young kid, I’d be begging my parents for this. It’s very eye catching, and not just something to grab for the looks, either. Good content front to back, or you can pull the staples out and grab a couple of neat posters, too! All this content packed into a magazine for basically five bucks!

Marvel Super Heroes also offers a subscription service for the magazine that will snag you 25% off of the cover price. You can find out more about that if you visit the webpage ( The magazine will ship eight issues per year, and that right there is incentive enough to get a subscription for any youth that’s an Avengers fan! Be sure to grab this cool new product, and don’t forget to hit theaters on Friday, May 4th, and Assemble!

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