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November 13, 2009

The 2nd Annual Tucson Comic Con!

cconHoly Comic Con, Batman! Tucson, Arizona celebrated its second annual Comic Con last Saturday, Nov. 7, at The Hotel Arizona. The one-day event featured both local and nationally known comic creators like Brian Pulido, co-creator of Lady Death and former president of Chaos! Comics.

Pulido was at the Con promoting his upcoming film, The Graves, in theaters Jan. 29, 2010, that will be part of After Dark Horrorfest 4. He mentioned new Lady Death stories with artist Bud Root and others next summer, and new Lady Death figures by Coffin Collectable. Pulido is also working on another horror feature due out in the near future.

Jonnie Allan was showing off some art and collectables for Stykman by Symbiote Studios. “Not all creators get to see their work put into 3D,” Allan said proudly. The founder of a.k.a. Comics talked about a new series with Bloodfire Studios called Square Dregs. All other secrets and details about future projects have been restricted until next year.

A plethora of Tucson’s own growing comic book community had booths at the Con including the TCC’s own art coordinators, Evil Robo Productions, whose team of artists were on hand drawing free sketches for fans and signing issues of their own Ash-Tray Comics. Co-creator and artist for Ash-Tray Comics’ Bald Avenger feature, Eric Schock, enjoyed a cheese burger while telling me about Evil Robo’s second upcoming series titled Cataclysm written by Nathan Welsh and Nick Genitals, with art by the Amazing Zip, Matt Howard.

At the IndieOnlyComics.com booth was Clay Lewis with samples of his web comic Moon Mission Filfy. Lewis is working

Muffin dressed as the cutest Green Arrow ever.

Muffin dressed as the cutest Green Arrow ever.

with ModernMythologyPress.com who was also at the TCC showing off their work. Eric M. Esquivel premiered his new graphic novel, Horrible Little People, that has received promising reviews from superstar artist, Gene Colan.

Other indy creator booths included Ernest Romero with his series, Breed, and online comic, Jigga; Anti Hero Brand; Daniel Bradford with his series, Robot 13; Billups Allen who had the third issue of his annual series Cramhole about the life of a neurotic old punk rocker, and many more.

The Tucson comics community was joined by the guys that made Tucson love comics to begin with. The local comic shops! Fantasy Comics had lots of free shwag to give away to the freaks and weirdos of the TCC — comics, stickers, buttons, Sinestro Corps. rings and more. The essentials for any great Con!

Darth Vader’s 501st Legion smashed the cosplay competition with their usual amazing costumes, posing for pictures with everyone, but the Tucson citizens showed love for their favorite characters with some great costumes of their own.

The second annual Tucson Comic Con was twice as successful as the first and local fans can’t wait until next November.

Here are more photos from the Tucson Comic Con:


Vader's 501st Legion posing with some noob 😉

Local comic shop R-Galaxy's booth

Local comic shop R-Galaxy's booth

Mad Love <3

Mad Love <3

Just a portion of the Con floor

Just a portion of the Con floor

Andrew Hurst



  1. Very cool dude!

  2. billy

    Looks like a cool con.

  3. Dakk Attakk

    …. I … am not noob.. Gizka loving, nerflicking schutta.. >:[

  4. Dakk Attakk

    not “A” noob.. god i hate making typos.

  5. Looks like a good time!

  6. Great feature Andrew, and thanks for all the Indie links! It’s much appreciated. I’m diggin the EvilRobo & Modern Mythology vibes. I also shower in the dark. Has nothing to do with body issues though. Just a preference.

    Definitely agree with the “cutest Green Arrow” caption.

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