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April 18, 2012

Bubble Punch Presents: Super*Market (4-15-12) Part 2

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Written by: Dr. Bustos

When we last left off at the Super*Market at Meltdown Comics we were about to venture outside into more geeky goodness. This was when I realized that this event was going to have to be a two-parter. There were so many tables with such interesting things I couldn’t cover them all in one go. Now let’s get to some more tables and the wonderful people running them!

These two were all over the Market, naturally.

Bubble Punch themselves had a booth right outside the door to Meltdown. Chubby Bunny and Yume Ninja were on hand selling their own stuff. Chubby Bunny had plenty of bows available. They threw an amazing event and hope to return with more people next time.

Unfortunately my picture of Laura Brown with her works was messed up so I had to use this one instead.

Laura Brown’s Pretty Star Clothing was also right next to the Meltdown doors. With  several shirts on hand for women. I’m very sorry my picture of you with your wares was not usable Laura, the lighting got way too bright for my camera to compensate.

Loved those necklaces

Nylon Pink was on hand selling necklaces and other items when they weren’t taking to the stage inside to perform. They were a double threat as both a store and band. It’s like a Hanna Barbera cartoon series, they run a store, play as a band, and solve mysteries in their spare time!

Their Facebook page also has pictures from the event.

Eclectic Cutie had all sorts of things for sale. From magazines to jewelry and bows. Knick knacks of all kinds were available. The outside area tables had a wide variety of items on sale.

This stuff was so bright and adorable.

Jupey had plenty of drawings and cards for sale. Plushies were available as well. Activity books were available too so you could have plenty of things keeping you interested and wanting to come back for more.

Her card was also a sticker

Zippercut had racks of clothes available. It looked to be quite a mix of items to choose from. I always saw someone looking through the clothes as seen in this picture. People were always looking for something in there.

Towards the end of the event the sellers started to have fun with pictures.

Snap Yourself was a booth where you could have your picture taken with all sorts of props they had available. It was an outdoor photobooth that lets you go way more wild in your picture taking. Guitars and other instruments were available along with different hats.

The business card came with candy!

DokiDoki Delights had all glasses, pins, and more available. I was mostly mesmerized by the Totoro doll they had. They had a full table of all sorts of interesting items for sale.

They had so much stuff!

This booth had a huge sprawl of items. Stuffed animals, Comic-Con paraphernalia (like swag bags from years past), manga, clothes, and more. Unfortunately I can’t find the contact information for this table either but they had so much for sale that  it would be a crime not to mention them.

Owner of Meltdown Comics alongside the owner of the table.

Young Mia (referred to as Meltdown’s Daughter by her mother, Hisami) had a table of all sorts of items of adorable. Cups and headbands were available and plenty more. There were even Ultraman stickers, those were probably my favorite thing there.

So much awesome artwork.

Misha had all sorts of amazing drawings and paintings on hand. There was art of classic movie monsters and video game characters. She does tattoo work as well so you can get those images right on your body! There are also necklaces for sale, so you should check those out too.

Tentacle jewelry!

Jewelry of all things tentacle was available from Killer Tentacle Octopus. There were all sorts of different colors of tentacles on whether you enjoy octopedes or hope to be entangled by an mad god.

When I said I worked for a website I was called a liar, this article is proof that I'm not.

The folks of Nerds With Vaginas were there selling comic-book-related corsets with all sorts of designs. They even showed up in cosplay and got Captain America to join them in the picture. They had Bat symbol corsets, why aren’t more people wearing Batcorsets? Make that the new fashionable thing, more Bat-attire.

And with that we have the end of Super*Market. It was a lot of fun and made me wish I had more cash and I wasn’t even their target audience. As the shopping day came to a close we were told that there should be another Super*Market sometime after San Diego Comic-Con. So if you’re in the LA area some time in late July/early August, you may be able to stop by for another Super*Market. Thanks to everyone at Meltdown Comics, Bubbple Punch for creating Super*Market, all the great tables of vendors, Comic Attack for letting me report on it, and you for checking this out and giving me a reason to report on it in the first place. To finish this off I decided a picture of Nylon Pink performing was good, now if only they’d start a private detective agency.

Nylon Pink performing, perhaps soon to be solving crimes?



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