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April 19, 2012

Gotta Have It: Statue Edition- Archangel by Kotobukiya

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Written by: Lee
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Coinciding with the highly anticipated Avengers vs X-Men series is the release of this tremendous statue of the mutant Archangel. I call it tremendous, because Archangel’s wingtips are nearly 18 inches from the bottom of the base, besides the fact that it’s a pretty hefty statue, too. It is in 1/6th scale, and the fourth in the series of X-Force statues which also includes X-23, Deadpool, and Warpath.

For those unfamiliar with the character of Archangel, the following is a brief history as provided by the Kotobukiya website: One of the original five X-Men (debuting back in 1963), Warren Worthington III was a rich boy with white feathered wings who came to be known as Angel (also depicted in this manner in the X-Men The Last Stand feature film as portrayed by Ben Foster). He worked alongside Cyclops, Beast, and the rest for years as X-Men before creating the team known as X-Factor. At that time the evil mastermind Apocalypse orchestrated an attack that resulted in the removal of Warren’s organic wings, which the villain replaced with techno-organic wings based on celestial technology (X-Factor: volume 1, issue 24, 1988).

Under the control of Apocalypse, Warren became the soldier Death, though he later came to his senses and returned to the side of good. Forever altered by his experiences, the once happy go lucky Angel became the brooding Archangel, whose deadly bladed wings and fierce battle fury made him a perfect fit for the new X-Force!

The statue features a great sculpt and pose by Erick Sosa, and it is mounted on a partially demolished brick column. The pose makes the statue seem as though Archangel has just descended and is touching down. The grim expression on his face and the menacing black and silver color scheme of his costume makes for a dramatic collector’s piece.

What's up with the sour puss face? Is he angry or just blue? Ba-dump-bump!


Whoa! Inappropriate angle!


It would be interesting to see if Archangel makes an appearance in Avengers vs X-Men. I imagine that he will, and when he does, the Avengers better be ready as this guy definitely looks like he’s ready to kick ass first and ask questions later.

Gotta Have It Rating

Overall I would rate this item on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest score) as follows:

Sculpt — 9

Paint — 9

Pose — 10

Lee Parmerter



  1. Billy

    Nice statue, but I have two problems with it. First, the face is wrong. It doesn’t look like Warren and I can’t put a specific pin on it, it just doesn’t look like him. Secondly, his feet in the position that they are in, look wimpy. He looks like he’s ready to do ballet, not for battle.

  2. Lee

    As far as the position of his feet, I think the sculptor was trying to make it seem as if he were descending from the sky.

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