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March 26, 2012

Signed Hell Yeah #1 & original Glory Sketch by Ross Campbell Giveaway!


And the winners are….

First place: Rian Miller – Facebook
Second place: Meg Graham – Site Comment
Third place: @ddorr22000 – Twitter

Please email me your addresses so we can send you your prizes tarini@comicattack.net

A big congratulations to our winners and thanks to everyone who entered!


Hey ComicAttack.net fans, we’re giving away some killer Hell Yeah! merchandise by Joe Keatinge and Andre Szymanowicz, plus a sweet bonus from the great Ross Campbell. It’s really easy to participate, but first up, the prizes:

  • 1st Place: Signed copies by Joe Keatinge of the Hell Yeah! #1 exclusive Collector’s Paradise variant cover (limited to 200 copies) and the Rob Liefeld variant cover of Glory #23, PLUS an original Glory sketch by series artist, Ross Campbell (pictured above)!
  • 2nd Place: Joe Keatinge signed copies of the Collector’s Paradise variant cover of Hell Yeah #1, and a Rob Liefeld variant cover of Glory #23!
  • 3rd Place: A Joe Keatinge signed copy of the Collector’s Paradise variant cover of Hell Yeah!

So how do you win these sexy prizes? Well, names will be drawn at random on April 9th, 2012, and the winner will be announced on THIS ARTICLE in both the comments and up at the top of the post. You can enter by ALL of the following venues:

  • COMMENT ON THE CONTEST ARTICLE: Yep, just comment with your full name/user handle below for two entries.
  • FACEBOOK: “Like” the official contest post on the ComicAttack.net Facebook page for one entry, “Share” the post for two entries.
  • TWITTER: Tweet #HellYeahContest @ComicAttack for two entries.
  • TUMBLR: “Like” the official contest post on the ComicAttack.net Tumblr page  for one entry, “Reblog” it for two entries.

That’s 10 possible entries per person!

You can comment, Facebook, Tweet, and Tumblr up until April 8th, 2012. Be sure to follow us on all these venues to be notified of when our next giveaway will be. Giveaway is open internationally, but free shipping applies only to the continental USA. Special thanks to Collector’s Paradise for providing the signed copies, Joe for signing them, and Ross for taking the time to do that killer sketch!

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning….




  1. JMFK’s Hell yeah rocks

  2. Lester Solomon

    Wow, I love the fan gratification for supporting these great series. I’m all in for both Glory and Hell Yeah!!

  3. Dave Long

    Awesome giveaways for awesome comics!

  4. Angela Capel

    Love Ross Campbell’s work! Would seriously love owning that drawing!

  5. Hell Yeah Ross Campbell!

  6. Woo! Ross Campbell Is awesome!

  7. Meg Graham

    I have so much love for Ross Campbell that I might explode someday.

  8. Bombalomba


  9. ComicLover

    Hell Yeah, Ben Day FTW!

  10. Yeah I WANT that shit!

  11. I want these things pleeeeeeeeease

  12. HELL YEAH!

  13. Camille McIntyre

    Ahhhh man! I would completely lose it if I got my little mittens on ANY of this!

  14. Awesome! Count me in. I would love that sketch!

  15. Comment – check
    Facebook “like” & “share” – check check
    twatted on twitter – check
    tumbled on Tumblr – check

    Now comes the waiting

  16. And for those of us (me) mathamatically challenged, can you spell out the way to get 10 entries?
    I only see 9 possible. What am I missing?

    • Hi, so I figured I’d take a shot at this for you:

      First bullet: 2 entries by commenting here
      Second bullet: 3 entries by liking and sharing on facebook
      Third bullet: 2 entries for tweeting
      Fourth bullet: 3 entries for liking and reblogging on tumblr

      • Thanks.
        I wish I had saved a screenshot, because I went over that several times and only ocunted nine. I suspect a conspiracy and editing (c:

        • Nope, no conspiracy nor editing. You mis-counted several times.

          ; )

  17. Barney Eng

    Our greatest GLORY is not in never falling, but in rising up every time we fall. – Confucius

  18. Anthony M G

    Woot! I hope I win the art!

  19. cyberwilkz


  20. slappypyne

    I want that awesome Glory art!!!

  21. Sean Dundas

    sounds awesome

  22. I’m in it for that sweet, sweet Ross Campbell artwork!

  23. This is such a cool contest!

  24. Marty Lloyd

    Haven’t checked these out yet, but they look interesting.

  25. Would be cool to get my first signed artwork and comics through a contest!

  26. The first issue was great !

  27. Loks great! Would love to win of course!

  28. Sean Gilmartin

    Yo Yo, ComicAttack.net,

    Sean here…also known as Helios330 (twitter) and Welcometonerdville (tumblr). You guys rock!

  29. Awesome, I won!

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