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March 22, 2012

WonderCon! 2012 Part 3: The Conclusion & Cosplay

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Written by: Dr. Bustos
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So this is it, the last update on WonderCon. It was a great convention, one I hope makes a return to Anaheim. I’ve heard rumors that it was a test to show Anaheim could handle San Diego Comic Con, but that’s just hearsay, so don’t take my word for it. There were dozens of rumors flying around, only time will tell. This update is going to be on all the great costumes seen over the course of the convention, so I hope you like them. I give credit to the people involved if I know who they happen to be. If you see yourself or someone you know and I haven’t given them credit, please let me know and I’ll make sure to add their credit and link to them.

Old and new, together at last.

I loved this because the idea of vikings and R2 units hanging out looks like something I would have drawn as a kid. It’s the perfect blend of old swords with new technology. This would be the best team, the vikings charge in and take down the storm troopers while the astromechs open up all the doors and cause havoc on the ship to allow the vikings to clear out the Imperial forces. Sorry, now I’m just writing fanfic.

Speaking of Imperial forces…

I always loved the dark trooper armor, they look like someone said “what if… storm troopers were ninjas?” and that’s how an entire troop is made. We even got a clone trooper hanging out with these two. They looked sharp and represented several facets of the variety of masked troopers Star Wars has. I wish I could have gotten a picture of some Scout Troopers, love those guys.


Giant Zombie!

These were taken as I was heading into the convention. They are characters from the upcoming movie ParaNorman; this looks like it could be a good movie for kids and adults. Go check out the trailer, it looks like it could be fun, and I love the look of the stop motion art. A movie where a kid can see ghosts and has to stop zombies? I think my nieces may enjoy that one.


These two were some of the first cosplayers I saw, and they were wonderfully in character when I came by to ask for a picture; he immediately took that pose as the camera was ready to go. There was plenty of Venture Bros cosplay going around, even though it’s been awhile since we’ve seen a new episode; it just goes to show that the fans are ready for when it returns. (Please be soon.) [Editor’s note: I have it on good authority (Publick’s Twitter account) that they are recording dialog for the new season! So, hopefully later this year we’ll have new episodes.]

This picture led to a fun conversation.

The gentleman dressed as Ness from Earthbound is John Brence of Ogeeku and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal Theater and next to him is Chrissa Villanueva. They were out and about and reminded me that (sadly by the time this article goes live, it will have already occured, but there will be more!) SMBC Theater was going to be part of an event in LA at the El Cid restaurant for a venue called Webseries Unplugged. It’s basically a party where people get together to eat, drink, and watch their favorite web shows with their creators. I’ll be doing a write up for it, so check back at Comic Attack for that one if you want. (Shameless self plug.)

The cast of Tintin!

These four were amazing, so well done, look at that Haddock! They did a great job and I love the Snowy doll, I should find one. I’m glad that movie made it so we’ll be seeing more Tintin cosplay at conventions this year.

That Optimus had to have been 8 feet tall if not more.

This was amazing; that Optimus always had a crowd around. WonderCon was going on at the same time as a cheer leading competition, and I was told at one point Optimus was surrounded by cheerleaders who looked as if they worshiped him. I wish I could have gotten that picture. Bumblebee looked amazing, too, and could actually go all over the convention center where I saw Bumblebee all the time.

He made that suit himself.

This here is some well done My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cosplay. These two are J. Lance Moose as Spike the Dragon and Rebecca Denise as Pinkie Pie the Earth Pony as taken by Steve Weintraub of Collider. They were part of a group, but this was the only picture I could get a hold of from Lance himself. If this was taken by someone who wants credit, please let me know as I got it off Lance’s Facebook with no mention of the photographer. I’ll give you the credit you deserve, too.

Villains unite!

This photo was taken by Shawn Lebert, and so was the photo after this. This photo has Jason Armstrong as Bane, Dave Pereyra as Catman, Chrissy Lynn as Jeanette, Rochelle Anne as Cheshire, J. Lance Moose (same as Spike from above!) as Ragdoll, Johnny Bias as Deadshot, and Mac Beauvais as Black Alice. These folks were amazing as the Secret Six, all kicking butt and taking names.

Cat and Canary

Here we have Chrissy Lynn and Mac Beauvais again on Sunday as Catwoman and Black Canary, which made me realized I’m mad I don’t get more of this team up. Seriously DC, get on that. Though Catwoman’s stealth would be ruined once Black Canary busts out a Canary Cry. I need to stop before I write even more fanfic. They’d fight Blockbuster, if you were curious.

Here we get two members of Star Fleet as done by Ryan Beauvais and Mac Beauvais. This was their Friday cosplay, and if you’re wondering Mac is a cyborg in this one. [Editor’ note: Data from Star Trek: First Contact, and I’m assuming Ryan is Will Riker.] Again, I better stop here so as to not start fanfic writing.

That grappling hook was so cool.

This was a random encounter of Batman and Superman meeting Wonder Woman and Supergirl, so naturally they took a picture together. It was great to see this team up. I always thought Batman was the shortest of the Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman trio. Well, I guess they just look like that in the books and shows.

Dex-Starr! The Red Lantern!

Here was probably my favorite cosplay of the convention as it involves one of the cutest characters of DC’s latest Green Lantern explosion of characters. This is a cat who knows what it wants, DEX-STARR WANTS WONDERCON TO RETURN TO ANAHEIM! Better do what Dex-Starr says, WonderCon.

So with that we have the end of WonderCon 2012 in Anaheim, California. It was a lot of fun, and I hope you all had some fun checking things out with me. I want to thank so many people for this lovely weekend and opportunity to share it with you. My friend Lyssie for helping me with the picture taking when my camera’s battery died on Sunday, and for taking some of the pics and getting contact information for some people, you were the “Ginny” Olsen to my “Luis” Lane. I want to thank all the booths, too many to list here since I just spent two days doing just that, I visited for being so wonderful, and I hope these articles can show just even one more person to your great works. The panels for being funny and informative. The people of the Anaheim Convention Center for running things so smoothly. Comic Attack for letting me write for them, and of course any of you reading this, I hope I gave you a decent view of WonderCon 2012. Here’s some final pics to say good bye with.

A sketch of Freddie Mercury as Mercury and the crew of MST3k by Tom Martin Parkinson-Morgan of Glam Rock Gorilla.

Bane (Jason Armstrong) and Finn were outside in the cold and rain.

At the end of the Con, all Bane could do was give out free shrugs.

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