March 16, 2012

Image Comics Reviews: Queen Crab HC

Queen Crab HC
Publisher: Image Comics
Writer: Jimmy Palmiotti
Artist: Artiz Eiguren
Cover: Sas Christian

Queen Crab presents the story of Ginger, whose life is just as chaotic, confusing, and complicated as ours can be from time to time. Though her situation may not be ideal for her, she’s decided to accept the hand she’s been dealt and make the best of it. However, things quickly change during the week of her honeymoon when she ends up transformed by something she doesn’t understand. Now, wielding crab-clawed arms, she’s trying to get to the bottom of things while adjusting to her new appearance.

Amidst the murder, infidelity, and craziness in these pages, Palmiotti creates one hell of a story with Queen Crab. Not all of the characters are likeable, but they are pretty rich and add the necessary layers to make this story work. Palmiotti also handles the mature themes in this story like the skillful writer he is. Everything has its place and none of it is there just for eye candy or shock value. He moves this story at a pretty good pace and keeps you wanting to find out more. The ending did seem a bit sudden, so I’m hoping that at some point Palmiotti comes back to Ginger and lets us in on more of her story.

The artwork from Artiz fits the tone perfectly from start to finish. When the story does shift to its few supernatural moments, he keeps it subtle so as not to break up what he’s already established. A very natural, real world feel that solidifies Palmiotti’s script. There were a couple of times where the characters’ faces weren’t consistent, but there’s still solid visual storytelling from start to finish.

There’s also a cover gallery and a thank you page dedicated to those who helped to fund this book through Palmiotti’s Kickstarter campaign. This is one project that we should be glad was able to get off the ground. Queen Crab feels like one of those classic Twilight Zone episodes that leaves you wanting more when it’s all said and done.

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