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March 10, 2012

Ye Olde School Café: Thor: The Black Galaxy Saga pt 4

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Written by: Billy
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Hey everybody, welcome to another week in Ye Olde School Café! This week, we’ll see the epic conclusion to this galaxy wide adventure featuring Thor, Hercules, the High Evolutionary, and the Celestials! All of these mighty beings have been brought to this area of space known as the Black Galaxy! A living bio-verse that has some dark secrets that have been boiling up for a long time. Now, we will see the end of this tale, but not the end of the characters involved, hopefully! This collection was originally published in 1990. Written by Tom Defalco with art by Ron Frenz (and Joe Sinnott).

When we last left off, the High Evolutionary was quaking in his boots once he mentioned the name Nobilus. Thor and Hercules are mystified as to who this person is, but they soon are told that he was created to be the ultimate warrior by the High Evolutionary, who used a sample of Thor’s DNA. While all this is going on, Count Tagar has decided to take a dip in the “Pool of Knowledge” to see if it can help them figure out how this will end. As they move toward all the commotion, they enter a chamber to see Nobilus, and also Stellaris, pummeling all the guards. Thor immediately tries to stop Nobilus by using words instead of his hammer. Stellaris is trying to hide from Thor at this point, and she tells Nobilus that he will try to attack him. Nobilus then starts to fight Thor. Before anything major happens, Stellaris blows a hole through the hull of the ship and grabs Nobilus. The two fly out into space, and that leaves Thor to do the cleaning up.

Back inside the ship, Thor and the others feel as if he and Hercules were brought out into space to save the Celestials from this impending doom. As they head out in a ship towards the mighty space giant, the High Evolutionary is confronted by Count Tagar. On the nearby planet of Rigel-3, we watch as the planet seems to be being torn apart by some unseen force. The people flock to their ships and abandon the planet in fear of it imploding. While that action is taking place, a new Celestial is being born right outside that very planet. Thor and Hercules approach the mighty space gods, and demand to know what’s going on. With one swift move, the Celestial whisks Hercules inside his armor, and then does the unthinkable. The giant waves his hand, and then Thor is enveloped by a cloud of crackling light. The next thing we see is the mighty Thor lying unconscious beside Eric Masterson. The powerful being has split the two from their bond with no more than a mere thought. The High Evolutionary’s new gods stand over them, trembling with fear. Count Tagar staggers into the chambers of his master and tells him that they were coerced into coming to this living galaxy. That the galaxy itself is a living brain that is going to help spawn a new Celestial. Also, that they are all doomed, because all of the mighty giants will soon arrive to witness this incredible creation come to life.

As this immense event is taking place, the High Evolutionary commands all of his creations to get the now unconscious Count Tagar to the shuttle and leave. He explains that he alone will bear witness to this new birth, but also the destruction that seems eminent for everyone else in the vicinity. The Evolutionary gathers his new gods and heads toward the danger zone. Once he arrives there, he finds that Thor has been brushed aside along with Nobilus and Stellaris. The Evolutionary believes that he will be selected by the Celestials to be part of the new being. How wrong he is, because when the mighty space gods make their move, they choose Eric Masterson as the last “ingredient” for their new brother. Thor objects, but again is tossed aside. When Thor then tries to interfere for a third time, the High Evolutionary’s forces take action and start a brawl with him. Somewhere amongst the fight, Stellaris decides that she will stop the Celestials and heads straight for them. As she does, a huge flash of light envelops the entire area and is followed by a loud and thunderous bang. Then everything is calm and a new Celestial stands above them. All of the Celestials then proceed to head back to their places in the universe, but not before Thor curses them.

Nobilus is at the side of his master and helps unhook him from the Analyzer. He tells his “father” that he won’t let anybody hurt him anymore. Thor is still livid about his friends, but as the Celestials fly away, one of the containers is left behind. Thor tears it open and finds Eric and Hercules inside, alive and well! Everyone is celebrating, but the Evolutionary is in bad shape. His New Men get him and the Analyzer aboard the ship to give them medical attention. Thor and Hercules are rejoicing that all is well, and just as they are starting to feel good, another catastrophe begins!

Throughout this whole story, there was another one in the back pages running concurrently showing some peril in Asgard. The ending tied into this one vaguely, with the only thing of note being that Thor and Eric Masterson get bound together again. It was called “Tales of Asgard,” and ran in the back of Thor’s main title many times. Great little adventures starring Sif, Balder, and the Warriors Three, among others. I hope you enjoyed this great tale, and come back here next week for something new!

Billy Dunleavy



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